Career Planning & Resources

Whether you are unsure of your career direction, need help choosing a major or with your job search, are considering applying to graduate school, or contemplating a career change, you will find the resources you need to assist you in your career preparation and management here.

  • Assess Who You Are: Understanding yourself is the first step in identifying a good fit for a satisfying career. To help you learn more about yourself, start with assessment to reflect on your values, interests, key relationships, personality traits, and personal and professional goals. 
  • Career Exploration: Obtaining high-quality information is the foundation for making good decisions about your career path. Learn about helpful online resources and effective approaches to gathering information about the career paths in which you are interested. For undergraduate students, also learn about resources to help with exploring and selecting a major. 
  • Resumes & Cover Letters: Your resume and cover letter are professional marketing tools used to introduce you to when applying for internships, leadership roles, job postings, and in networking. Learn how to write a well-prepared resume and cover letter, and review online resources for guidance on proper format and content that will make a great first impression.
  • Networking: Whether you are exploring majors and careers, looking for a job or internship, or seeking professional development opportunities, purposeful conversations with others will move you closer to reaching your goals. Learn how to gain more confidence in building professional relationships and review online resources for guidance on informational interviews and creating a personal brand.
  • Internships: Whether you want to explore a career direction or gain valuable experience in your chosen field, an internship is an important part of your career preparation. Learn how to find and apply for internships, what to expect, and review online resources with internship postings.
  • Job Search:There is more to a successful job search than applying for posted positions. Learn how to create a job search plan and leverage your time and energy to land an opportunity that's a good fit with your career goals.
  • Interviewing & Negotiating: Preparation is the key to a successful interview and negotiation. Learn how to manage the interview process effectively, how to prepare for traditional and behavioral interview questions, become more confident in your ability to interview well, and how to carry out an effective negotiation.
  • Graduate School: Begin by answering the question, "Is graduate school right for me?", then learn how to research and evaluate graduate schools for a good fit with your career goals. Review online resources and follow the timetable for managing your application process. 
  • Career Readiness: Your career preparation and readiness can vary based on who you are, your career goals, the jobs and fields that you're interested in, and the company you work for. Learn how to determine if you are “career ready” and review resources to help you further develop important competencies sought by all employers.