Title IX Coordinators and Team Members

The Simmons Title IX team includes community members trained to support students, faculty, and staff impacted by sexual harassment. These individuals can help provide support and connect you with resources. In particular, the Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Title IX Coordinators, working with other members of the Title IX Team, will ensure a timely, effective, impartial, and consistent response to all reports of gender-based misconduct.

The Title IX Coordinator has primary responsibility for overseeing the University's Title IX compliance program. This includes overseeing the University's response to reports of conduct that could trigger the Simmons Sexual Harassment Policy. The Title IX Coordinator is able to meet with any individual seeking information about the University's policy or looking to get connected with resources. The Title IX Team, including any Deputy Title IX Coordinators, and/or other qualified members of the Simmons community, will assist, as necessary, with these efforts. Anywhere the Title IX Coordinator is listed as a designated point of contact for any role in the Sexual Harassment Policy, they may designate a Deputy Title IX Coordinator or other qualified member of the Simmons community to assume the role at issue, as necessary and appropriate.

Title IX Coordinator

Headshot of Gretchen Groggel Ralston

Gretchen Groggel Ralston
Associate VP & Associate General Counsel

Location: Main College Building (MCB), Suite E-200
Phone: 617-521-2768
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Deputy Title IX Coordinators

Echelle Avelar
Assistant Dean of Community Standards
Location: MCB, Suite C-210
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J. David Hollinden
Senior Employee Relations Specialist
Location: MCB, Suite C-210
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Catherine Paden photo

Catherine Paden
Associate Provost and Dean of the Undergraduate Program

Location: Main College Building (MCB), C-219
Phone: 617-521-2501
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Sara Simberg
Institutional Equity Investigator
Location: Main College Building (MCB), Suite E-200
Phone: 617-521-3289
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Additional Title IX Team Members

Susan Antonelli
Dean for Student Life
Location: MCB, Suite C-210
Phone: 617-521-2117
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Kathy Rogers
SVP and General Counsel
Location: MCB, Suite E-200
Phone: 617-521-2074
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Vito Scotti
Deputy Chief of Public Safety
Location: 1 Palace Rd., Suite P-106
Phone: 617-521-2295
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Richard Voos
Associate Provost for Assessment, Planning and Accreditation
Location: MCB, Suite C-219
Phone: 617-521-2081
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Erica Schuling
Associate Athletic Director, Head Soccer Coach
Location: Simmons University Sports Center
Phone: 617-521-1037
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Additional University Reporting Source

Public Safety
617-521-1111 (emergency)
617-521-1112 (non-emergency)
1 Palace Rd, Suite P106, Boston, MA 02115.