First-Year Residency Requirement and Housing Exemption

Simmons University and the Office of Residence Life believe living on campus during the first-year of a student's college experience is important for creating connections, finding resources on campus, and developing critical interpersonal skills. All first-year students who are full-time undergraduate students enrolled at Simmons University (enrolled for 12 credits or more each semester) and 16 years of age or older at the time that the Housing Contract begins are required to reside in University Housing.

While there are many benefits to living on campus, we do understand that it is not possible for all students. If you have extenuating circumstances and wish to be considered for exemption from the first-year residency requirement, please submit the First-Year Housing Exemption Request. Indicate your reason for exemption, and include your supporting documentation and narrative.

Process for Submitting a Housing Exemption Request

Students who qualify for an exemption must complete the Housing Exemption Request Form. Through the form students will identify the reason they are requesting exemption from the first-year housing requirement and provide the required documentation. Exemption requests will be reviewed and approved or denied based on the student's successful submission of the required documentation for their self-identified reason for housing exemption. See below for the approved list of reasons for housing exemption and required documentation.

Reason for Housing Exemption

  • I am married
  • I am older than 25 years of age
  • I am a parent or legal guardian
  • I cannot live on campus due to medical or psychological reasons
  • I wish to live at my permanent residence with a parent/ guardian within 30 miles of Simmons University
  • I have an extenuating financial need or recent hardship

Required Documentation for the Housing Exemption Reasons

  • Marriage - A copy of an official marriage license or domestic partnership certificate filed with the county.
  • Parent or Legal Guardian - A copy of your child's birth certificate and/or court-approved guardianship papers.
  • Medical or Psychological - A letter from your physician noting specific reasons as to why you cannot live on campus.
  • Age - A government issued ID
  • Financial Hardship- All applicants asserting financial need are asked to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and meet with Financial Aid before the hardship request can be processed. You need to submit the FAFSA online at This application takes approximately two to six weeks to process. The Office of Residence Life will consult with the Office of Financial Aid to determine the answer to your request. If you are not eligible for financial aid, or if your request for financial aid has been denied, please include this information in your statement.
  • Commuting from Permanent, Legal Residence - A statement and signature from your parent (s) or legal guardian verifying that you will be commuting from their permanent, legal residence and a copy of a utility bill, lease or driver's license with the permanent address and parent/guardian's name.

Housing Exemption Decision

Students will be notified within 5 business days via their Simmons email of a decision once all documentation has been received. Please do not make alternative housing plans, such as signing a lease, until you have received the university's decision.