Be Part of Your Senior Class Video!

We're putting together a senior highlight video for the undergraduate Class of 2021! Our goal is to capture what have been the most meaningful, life-changing, rewarding, and impactful moments for your incredible class.

Graduation cap that reads "Yes, I have my exit buddy"

How it works

The Class of 2021 video is designed to celebrate your graduation through photos and videos that showcase your amazing class and your collective journey over the last four years. Please submit your content by May 21, 2021.

1. Record a video message

Send us a video message about your time at Simmons! Unsure of what to say? Here are a few ideas:

  • A favorite memory for your time at Simmons
  • A friend who had an impact on you in some way
  • A professor/staff member who had an impact on you
  • A club or org that changed your life
  • A moment you realized what you wanted to do with your life
  • What you learned about yourself while at Simmons
  • A study abroad experience that opened your eyes
  • An experience that was incredibly challenging but rewarding
  • One accomplishment you’re most proud of (for yourself)
  • An internship, clinical, or job you had that impacted your life
  • And, anything else you can think to share!

Technical considerations for video

  • Length: Each video message should be NO LONGER THAN 20 SECONDS. Messages that are longer may not be able to be included for timing reasons.
  • Horizontal/Widescreen: Please record your videos by holding your phone so it is HORIZONTAL / WIDESCREEN.
  • Lighting: Make sure there is enough light on your face and no bright lights behind you.
  • Location: Try to find a location that is not noisy with competing sounds, and consider a location that has a simple background.
  • Multiple Messages: You can record multiple messages on different topics, but keep each recording to 20 seconds each.

2. Collect photos of your time at Simmons

Collect any photos or videos you have from your time at Simmons. We're looking for pictures of you with your Simmons family, presenting at conferences, attending events and club meetings, studying abroad, and anything else that illustrates your Simmons experience!

If you'd prefer to just send in photos and not include a video message, that's totally fine! We're happy to include your photos without a video message.

Note: Make sure everyone in the photos you're submitting agrees to have their photo shown in this video.

3. Submit your content

Got your photos and videos ready to go? 

Submit your videos and photos

Deadline for submissions

Please submit your content by May 21, 2021!