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Welcoming the Simmons Community Back to Campus

On Wednesday, September 6, the Simmons community gathered on the academic campus. The balloon-decorated quad provided a perfect backdrop for a welcome back to campus for the Fall semester.

After a brief welcome from Nakeisha Cody, Interim Vice President for Student Success and Diversity, and Rae-Anne Butera, Interim Vice President for Student Engagement, President Lynn Wooten addressed the assembled audience of students, faculty, and staff.

President Wooten issued a warm welcome to all members of the community, particularly the Class of 2027, as well as incoming transfer and adult students, and graduate students.

“One thing that continually inspires me about the Simmons community is its strong sense of purpose and meaning,” said Wooten. “At Simmons, we have a collective commitment to empowering leaders to build a better world. This is a common thread woven throughout our university, in the classroom, in our co-curriculars and our conversations.”

Wooten touched on the importance of making Simmons “a community that cares for one another, one that advances social justice, and one that is committed to transforming the world.” She touched on this year’s Community Read, How to Break Up with Your Phone: The 30-Day Plan to Take Back Your Life by Catherine Price, and how putting down our devices can open opportunities for engaging with others. “I want you to spend more time on self care. I want you to nurture friendships,” Wooten advised. “Students, I want you to go to faculty office hours — I don’t want them sitting there, alone. I want you to explore Boston, I want you to take up a new hobby, I want you to daydream about your career. I want you to volunteer for a nonprofit or a political campaign. Maybe go to a counselor or, what my family likes to do, enjoy some old-fashioned fun, such as cards, skating, or bowling.”

She encouraged everyone to extend kindness, generosity, and grace to others in their community. “As you begin to create and add to your Simmons experience this year, I am confident it will be filled with classes, internships, research projects, teachings and activities at Simmons and throughout the Greater Boston community,” she said. “You will continue to be challenged to think critically, to explore your interests and passions, and forge relationships with friends, faculty, and graduates who are living and working across the country and the world. These experiences together will provide the material for a powerful, memorable, and transformational story as part of the Simmons community.”

Provost Russell Pinizzotto shared brief remarks before breaking for refreshments. He encouraged everyone assembled to approach their work at Simmons with integrity and as high a quality as you possibly can. He boiled down his advice to a further three things: “First, you need to take care of yourself. If you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to do anything else. Second, you need to take care of each other — we are a group, we are a team, we are a community. And third, you need to take care of this place. Welcome to Simmons!”

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