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Staying Healthy at College: 5 Tips

Professor Rachele Pojednic, Professor Elizabeth Metallinos-Katsaras, and Exercise Science major, Kaitlyn Lapeyre '18 share some tips on staying healthy during the semester!

1. Drink plenty of water

"Replace at least one caloric beverage with water. By replacing these beverages with water you're accomplishing 2 goals: getting enough water (or at least more water) and reducing your intake of empty calories." - Professor Metallinos-Katsaras

"Staying hydrated helps to keep your body temperature within a normal range, lubricates your joints, protects sensitive tissues, and also helps you eliminate waste and toxins. Water also keeps your skin looking healthy and hydrated!" - Kaitlyn Lapeyre '18

2. Move your body

"Use your own body. A series of 10 squats, lunges, pushups and sit ups will get your heart pumping without the need for a big space. As you get better at them, you can repeat the series 2-3 times and follow it up with a brief stretching routine. The whole thing can be done in less than 10 minutes!" - Professor Pojednic

"Arm circles, push-ups, standing side bends, planks, wall sits and squats are easy and effective. These easy exercises can be done just about anywhere and will give you a full body workout!" - Kaitlyn Lapeyre '18

3. Stretch your muscles

"Pay attention to the muscles in your hips and chest; these are the muscles that get tight and weak as you shorten them from sitting and slouching. A simple toe touch will open up your hamstrings. A deep lunge with your back leg on the floor will get into your hip flexors, which get VERY tight from sitting. Grab your hands together behind your back and lift slightly until you feel a broadening across your shoulders. Lastly, look up! Staring down at your phone and computer wreaks havoc on your upper body muscles!" - Professor Pojednic

"It's important to take little breaks during those long study sessions and stretch those muscles! Each stretch should be held for 30 seconds to 1 minute." - Kaitlyn Lapeyre '18

4. Eat healthy

"Use the plate method. Make half of your plate fruits and vegetables!" - Professor Pojednic

"If you get a salad, get the dressing on the side. That way you can better control how much you add. Also, be an informed consumer by looking at the caloric content of food items. You might be surprised by how many calories some of the meals and drinks really are." - Professor Metallinos-Katsaras

5. Take breaks

"Get up during periods of the day and give yourself a mental and physical break. Even a brief walk around in the hallway will help clear your head and keep your muscles moving and healthy." -Professor Pojednic

"Get enough sleep, eat healthy, exercise and meditate." - Kaitlyn Lapeyre '18

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