Simmons Sirens A Capella Group Nominated for Two Contemporary A Cappella Society Awards

Simmons University announced today that its A Capella group The Sirens have been nominated for two Contemporary A Capella Society Awards (CASAs). The Sirens have been nominated in the “Best Professional Arrangement for a Scholastic Group” and “Best Upper Voices Collegiate Song” categories. The winners will be announced on April 30, 2021.

The Sirens, now in their thirty-first year, released a four-track extended play (EP) record entitled Brookline Ave in September 2020, with support from the Simmons Office of Student Leadership and Activities (OSLA), the Office of Student Life, and the Student Government Association (SGA). 

The Sirens recorded the EP prior to the pandemic and spent most of the past summer mixing and editing the tracks. The EP, which is a mix of upbeat and soulful songs, is available on YouTube and Spotify.

“We’re thrilled to receive these CASA nominations and are extremely proud to represent Simmons on the national A Capella stage,” said Leah Goldenberg ’21, co-president of The Sirens. “The CASAs are like the A Capella Grammys and it’s such an honor for a smaller group like ours to be recognized in this way. I’m so proud of our group’s hard work over the past year recording, editing and releasing this EP.”

The title Brookline Ave is a creative ode to the location of the Simmons residential campus, where the Sirens practice and make much of their music. One of the tracks on Brookline Ave, “American Boy” song is nominated inCASA’s “Best Upper Voices Collegiate Song” category, and in the “Best Professional Arrangement for a Scholastic Group” category.

“'American Boy' is our hype song, and it’s a lot of fun to sing,” said Kayla Safford ’22, co-president of The Sirens. “It’s also one of our most difficult songs with at least ten different parts. Its difficulty and the work we put into recording and editing this track makes the nomination so rewarding.” 

The Sirens have continued to meet virtually during the pandemic, hosting virtual game nights, hangouts and general check-ins. The group is also hosting a virtual watch party on April 30 with current and past Simmons members to watch the CASA awards presentation. 

The Sirens members featured on Brookline Ave include: Kayla Safford, Leah Goldenberg, Hannah Bryan-Nelson, Elizabeth (Libby) Giannechini, Olivia Hart, Nina Nguyen, Lily Power, Anna Rae, Loree Drasich Melendez, Julia Waldron, Tessa Sweeney, Shannon FitzGerald, Nell Spencer, Cady Sugrue, and Natalie Cunniff. 

Current Sirens members include: Kayla Safford, Leah Goldenberg, Hannah Bryan-Nelson, Lily Power, Loree Drasich Melendez, Shannon FitzGerald, Nell Spencer, Cady Sugrue, Natalie Cunniff, Tessa Federico-Maietta, Lilah Gendreau, Soraya Hafiani, and Jessi Kolifrath.

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