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Simmons School of Library and Information Science Student Empowers LGBTQIA+ Community

Jason Homer ’11MS, ’26PhD, Executive Director of the Worcester Library
Jason Homer, Executive Director of The Worcester Public Library, Worcester, MA. Photo credit: MassLive and Sebastian Restrepo

Jason Homer ’11MS, ’26PhD, Executive Director of the Worcester Library, works with his community to promote inclusivity, challenge pre-existing assumptions, and empower library patrons.

Originally, Homer desired to be a teacher but eventually realized that he could make more of an impact in a less traditional role. “During this journey, it quickly became clear that my true calling lay in public libraries, where I could address diverse and urgent needs within the community,” Homer told MassLive.

Pushing back against book bans and other barriers to knowledge and information, Homer sees librarians and libraries as bastions of freedom and equity. “In this critical juncture, I take immense pride in advocating for inclusivity and access within our library systems. It’s a privilege to champion the fundamental role libraries play in fostering informed and equitable societies,” says Homer.

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