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  1.  Jane Bergwall Shattuck '48 walks at the 2012 commencement ceremony

    When she matriculated to Simmons in the 1940s, Jane Bergwall Shattuck did not realize that she initiated a multi-generational presence at the University.

  2.  three generations of Simmons graduates at Peggy’s granddaughter’s graduation. From left, Judy Saslow Bounan ’76, Shanna Saslow Engel ’03, Peggy Saslow ’44, and Susan Saslow ’73.

    An interview with Peggy (Florence) Adelson Saslow, Class of 1944, who has supported Simmons and fellow alumnae/i with generous gifts of her time, effort, and funds, and began a multi-generational tradition of Simmons graduates within her own family.

  3. Jane Wesman and Simmons students attend NY Arts Management Program

    Jane Wesman ’69 is a New York-based marketing and public relations powerhouse with a passion for art, a commitment to philanthropy, and a conviction that “success in life is not just about what you know, it’s also about who you...

  4. Simmons University cupola

    New Jennifer Eckert Center for Leadership and Engagement will enhance leadership development opportunities for students and advance Simmons’ work as one of Boston’s premier leadership institutions. Eckert and Simmons both embrace the concept of leading with purpose, and her gift will help translate that idea into students’ preparation for life and careers after graduating.