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Are You Voting in the Midterm Elections? Here’s Why You Should

Fall is a busy time, especially at a bustling University. If we're not knee-deep in a presidential election, it's easy to disregard the local elections coming up on November 7. There are vital reasons you may want to add voting to your to-do list.

"Midterm elections, often forgotten by the general voting public as is demonstrated by low voter turnout historically, gained much media attention in 2018 and do so this year as well," says Leanne Doherty, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Political Science and International Relations. "We have seen the rise of challengers to incumbents in the primaries, and this 2022 election cycle is no exception. Leading up to the November midterm elections, we have seen a surge in voting registration which has been a direct result of policy issues, such as the Dobbs ruling by the Supreme Court."

Doherty continues: "This midterm election will have major ramifications on policies proposed in Congress, depending on who holds the majority of the House and Senate after the election - the Democratic majority is slim and history tells us that the party of the President in power loses seats in Midterm general elections. The results of this midterm election will have impacts on policy decisions ranging from climate to education for years to come."

Olivia Antonelli Ray '24, Editor-in-Chief of The Simmons Voice, has her own personal experience regarding midterm elections. "Last fall, during the Boston mayoral race, I had the opportunity to cover the election on the 24-hour news cycle for one of my journalism classes here at Simmons," says Ray. "Through my research and interviews for this story, I came to learn that the generation least likely to come out and vote in local elections is actually college students. I was shocked, mostly because I was under the impression that the 18-29 year old age bracket had such a huge impact on the presidential race in 2020, but as it turns out, that's where the impact ends. I am of the belief that local politics is where most of the palpable change happens, particularly change that's relevant to college students, which is all the more reason to practice good democratic practices and vote in midterm elections."

Master's in Public Policy student Madison Poshkus '23, sees the Midterms as a potential turning point for the Biden presidency. "While every election is important, midterms are an especially essential democratic checkpoint," says Poshkus. "The post-midterm Congressional makeup will help us to forecast Biden's ability to achieve his agenda priorities in the second half of his term. The results of this election also have significant ramifications for Senate Democrats; a wide enough majority could break through a filibuster on key issues."

Not sure where or how to vote? Check out the ALL IN To Vote website for information about polling places, requesting absentee ballots, and checking your voter registration status. If your permanent address is outside of Massachusetts, check out their information for college students voting out of state.

Deadlines For Voting in Massachusetts Midterms:

  • Voter Registration Deadline: October 29, 2022
  • Vote by Mail Application Deadline: November 1, 2022

Check your state's voter registration deadline and check your voter status to ensure you are registered to vote.

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