Fact Sheet

Simmons Institutional Information for Sponsored Projects

Legal Entity Name for all grant proposals contracts and agreements: Simmons University

Institution Type: Private Institution of Higher Education

DUNS Number: 079522819

County: Suffolk

Congressional District: MA-007 

Federal Wide Assurance (FWA) Number: 00000207

Entity Identification Number (EIN): 04-2103629

NAICS Code: 611310

CAGE Code: 0UB34

System for Award Management (SAM) Expiration Date: 1/29/2022

DHHS Indirect Cost Rate Agreement, 7/9/2019

Cognizant Agency:

US Department of Health and Human Services
POC: Michael Stanco, HHS Representative
26 Federal Plaza, Rm. 41-122
New York, NY 10278
(212) 264-2069

Equipment threshold: $5,000 and over

Fax: (617) 521-3083

ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICIAL (AOR): Elena Glatman, Director of Sponsored Research, Office of Sponsored Programs

FINANCIAL OFFICIAL: Jeffrey Pinkham, Controller, Finance and Administration

CHECKS PAYABLE TO: Simmons University, 300 The Fenway, Boston, MA 02115-5898
Russell Pinizzotto, PhD, Interim Provost
Elena Glatman, Director of Sponsored Research

Research at Simmons Annual Report