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About Me

Peter Maramaldi, PhD, MPhil, LCSW, MPH is a Professor at the Simmons University School of Social Work with faculty appointments at the Harvard University T. H. Chan School of Public Health in Social and Behavioral Sciences, and the Harvard School of Dental Medicine in Oral Health Policy and Epidemiology. Dr. Maramaldi's expertise in gerontology, evidence-based health promotion, interprofessional teaming, and integrated healthcare delivery has made him a leader in the field of behavioral health.  His teaching, research and consultation services are informed by his 30 years of practice, community organizing, and research experience with diverse populations in urban and rural residential and community-based settings.

Dr. Maramaldi's clinical experience is wide ranging with pediatric, adult, and geriatric populations.  He has worked in services for: caregivers, elders, assistance for children and families, victims of human trafficking, post-adoption programing and services, in-home biopsychosocial assessment and treatment planning, hospital-based psychosocial services, quality improvement initiatives, non-profit management and fundraising.

His cross-cultural acumen is exceptional.  Dr. Maramaldi spent 16 years in residence at the International House in New York City, which is a unique enterprise founded by John D. Rockefeller Jr. in 1924 to promote international understanding among emerging world leaders.  Dr. Maramaldi was retained to develop and deliver the institution's first yearly cross-cultural mental health services for over 700 graduate researchers, students and trainees representing more than 100 countries.

In research Dr. Maramaldi has had consistent NIH and foundation funding. He collaborates extensively with national teams of researchers addressing social and behavioral determinants of health with patients, caregivers and the healthcare workforce. He has conducted applied research in a range of settings including long-term care facilities, community and hospital-based health and mental health settings, and innovative dental services.  His studies include promoting cancer screening, addressing health disparities, testing intervention models using randomized clinical trials, developing and taking to scale quality improvement approaches using behavioral interventions, and adopting safety models from the aviation industry to develop cultures of quality to eliminate errors in outpatient dental treatment and surgery.  His most recent national work, based at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, investigates how healthcare teams are structured to deliver high quality care to frail elders in the community with specific interest in the cost implications of various team models.

Dr. Maramaldi is the recipient of several national career development and mentoring awards in the areas of oncology and gerontology.  During the Obama Administration, he was among a select group of social workers invited to participate in a White House Briefing on the Affordable Care Act. More recently he was named an expert participant for a Congressional Briefing on the future of the healthcare workforce to improve care for the Nation's aging adult population. He serves on numerous national boards, committees and special work groups including one that planned and acquired funding for a National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine study, which focuses on integrating social needs care into the Nation's healthcare system. 

Dr. Maramaldi is a first-generation college graduate completing his undergraduate training at Montclair State University in New Jersey while working full-time. From there he completed his MSSW, MPH, MPhil, and PhD Degrees at Columbia University in New York City.  More recently he completed an advanced management certificate program at Harvard University in Cambridge Massachusetts.

Peter Maramaldi's Curriculum Vitae

What I Teach

Dr. Maramaldi's teaching and training interests span several professions with a common thread of teaching approaches to improving the health and well-being of patients and families. His primary focus has always been on what we know call the social determinants of health. Dr. Maramaldi's teaching philosophy tailors learning experiences to cohorts and individuals by creating a safe environment. His goal is to create training, classroom and on-line learning platforms that enable learners to take risks, employ new ideas and to learn from each other. Dr. Maramaldi believes that it is important to stay attuned to how adults experience learning and how they perceive their learning environment. He takes a reflective stance that allows for pedagogical corrections, and to do whatever is needed for people to learn.


Selected Publications

Kalenderian, E., Maramaldi, P., Kinnunen, T. H., Spinell, D., & Nelson, L.P. (in press). Assessing early performance in the patient-doctor relationship in dental education. Journal of Dental Education.

Menon, U, Belue, R., Wahab, S., Rugen, K., Kinney, A. Y., Maramaldi, P., Wujick, D., & Szalacha, L. (in press). Randomized trial comparing the effect of two phone-based interventions on colorectal cancer screening adherence. Annals of Behavioral Medicine Maramaldi, P., Cadet, T., Menon, U., Kinney, A., & Burt, R. (in press). Cancer screening barriers for community-based Hispanic and Caucasian elders. To: Journal of Gerontological Social Work — Practice Forum.

Maramaldi, P. & Cadet, T. (2012). Aging and cancer: A global concern for social work. Indian Journal of Gerontology, 26(1), 118-138.

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Selected Presentations

Maramaldi, P. (2012, January). Health promotion with vulnerable populations:Testing a pilot intervention to improve pediatric oral health. Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Social Work Research, Washington, DC.

Maramaldi, P. (2011, January). An empirically determined taxonomy of interdisciplinary social work. Presented at the 15thAnnual Meeting of the Society of Social Work Research, Tampa, FL.

Maramaldi, P. (2010, November). Cancer screening disparities: Latina patients' culturally determined contributions to diagnostic delays in breast cancer screening. Paper presentation at the 138th Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association, Denver, CO.

Maramaldi, P. (2009, November). Patient-provider communication: Hispanic elders and colorectal cancer screening. Presented at the 62nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Gerontological society of America, Atlanta, GA.

Maramaldi, P. (2008, November). Evidenced-based psychosocial interventions with cancer patients and families. Presented at the 61st Annual Scientific Meeting of the Gerontological society of America, Washington, D.C.

Maramaldi, P. (2007, December). Cancer screening barriers for community-based Hispanic and Caucasian elders. Presented at the 53 Annual Program meeting of the Council Of Social Work Education, Washington, D.C.

Maramaldi, P. (2007, August). Leveraging a paradigm shift: Social work and gerontology as an exemplar. Invitational lecture, Presented at the Lifelong Access Libraries Leadership Institute, Americans for Libraries Council in conjunction with the Institute on Aging and the School of Information Science University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC.

Professional Affiliations & Memberships

Research Commission Council of Social Work Education - Commissioner - 2010-Present

Director of the Simmons' Interdisciplinary MSW, PhD/MPH Initiative, Simmons School of Social Work with the Harvard School of Public Health

Doctoral Program Director, Simmons School of Social Work

Massachusetts General Hospital - Senior Social Work Scientist 2007-2009, Research Associate 2006-2007

International House - Clinical Consultant for Cross-Cultural Counseling 2001-Present

Resident Social Worker for Cross-Cultural Clinical Services 1986-2001

Harvard School of Public Health - Maternal and Child Health Federal Training Grant Advisory Board

Research Commission Council of Social Work Education - Commissioner

American Cancer Society - National Advisor/ Consultant to Doctoral Training Grantees

Gerontological Society of America - Peer Reviewer in Social and Behavioral Sciences

Lance Armstrong Foundation - Scientific Expert Reviewer,

John A. Hartford Foundation - National Social Work Mentor

International House New York - Council of World Alumni Members