Judah Axe

Associate Professor of Education and Behavior Analysis and Director of Special Education
  • Education
  • Behavior Analysis
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  • Ph.D., Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis, 2008
    The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
  • M.A., Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis, 2005
    The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
  • B.S., Molecular Biology, 2000 
    University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI

About Me

Because I received my M.A. and Ph.D. in Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis, it is fitting that I teach in those two departments at Simmons: Education and Behavior Analysis. I direct the Master's Program in Special Education overseeing our Severe Disabilities program, Moderate Disabilities program, 4+1 program, Add-On program in Moderate Disabilities, and off-site program at the Landmark School in Beverly, MA. I enjoy teaching Special Education courses and advising our students through coursework and practicum to ensure they are fully prepared to become effective Special Education teachers.

In the Behavior Analysis program, I teach master's courses in the areas of methods of instruction and verbal behavior, as well as a doctoral course on behavioral consultation in schools. I designed two courses in the online master's program: single subject design and verbal behavior. I also supervise a research lab with doctoral students where we conduct studies analyzing verbal behavior and motivating operations. Three current research topics are the effects of problem solving on recalling past events, the effects of echoic responding on multiply controlled intraverbals, and the effects of presession pairing on compliance and problem behavior.

What I Teach

  • SPND 415 Applied Research I
  • SPND 441 Classroom Management for Learners with Special Needs in Inclusive Settings
  • SPND 442 Analysis of Behavior: Principles and Classroom Applications
  • BEHV 427 Methodologies for Behavior Change I
  • BEHV 465 Verbal Behavior
  • BEHVO 415 Introduction to Single Subject Research Designs (Online)
  • BEHVO 465 Verbal Behavior (Online)
  • DABA 616 Behavioral Consultation in Schools (PhD course)


* = Simmons student

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