Student Achievement


On average, 93% of students entering the MS (LIS) degree continue in the program. Two years time to degree is 42%, three years is 37% and four years is 7%.

Time to Degree

Average Time to Degree (students entering the MS (LIS) program between AY 2009 and AY 2016):

Time to Degree
(number of years in which students 
complete the MS (LIS) degree program)
Average Percentages of Students
(average percentage of the number of
students entering the MS (LIS) degree 
program between AY 2009 and AY 2016)
Two Years42%
Three Years37%
Four Years7%
Five Years4%
Six YearsFewer than 1%

On average, students completing the MS (LIS) degree program on the Boston campus graduate within 2.04 years. Students completing the MS (LIS) degree program at SLIS West graduate within 2.45 years. [2]

[1] Student Retention:

SLIS measures student retention in terms of the percentage of students entering the MS (LIS) program annually (i.e., annual cohorts of students beginning the MS (LIS) degree in each academic year) who continue — and complete — their program of study at SLIS in subsequent academic years.

[2] Time to Degree

SLIS students who enroll in the MS (LIS) program as full-time students (students who register for 9 credits per semester) can complete the requirements of the MS (LIS) degree within four semesters or two calendar years. An average of 42% of SLIS students complete the MS (LIS) degree within two calendar years; 37% complete the degree within three calendar years; and fewer than 10% complete the degree within four, five, or six years.