Student Achievement


On average, 88% of students entering the MS (LIS) degree program between AY 2013 and AY 2018 continued their programs of study after their first year at SLIS.

Retention and Graduation Rate of Master's in Library Information and Science Programs at Simmons University

Starting YearAY2013 - 2014AY2014 - 2015AY2015 - 2016AY2016 - 2017AY2017 - 2018AY2018 - 2019
Starting Cohort233325329340325304
Returned in 2nd Year209286292301284255
First-to-Second Year Retention90%88%89%89%87%84%
Graduated within 2 Years79139126129113 
2-Year Graduation Rate34%43%38%38%35% 
Graduated within 3 Years171234230239  
Cumulative 3-Year Graduation Rate73%72%70%70%  
Graduated within 4 Years188254251   
Cumulative 4-Year Graduation Rate81%78%76%   
Graduated within 5 Years191258    
Cumulative 5-Year Graduation Rate82%79%    

Source: Office of Institutional Research

Time to Degree

Average Time to Degree (among graduated students who started the MS (LIS) program between AY 2013 and AY 2018):

Time to Degree
(number of years in which students
complete the MS (LIS) degree program)
Average Percentages of Students
(average percentage of the number of students entering the MS (LIS) degree program between AY 2013 and AY 2018)
Two Years38%
Three Years33%
Four Years7%
Five Years1%

[1] Student Retention:

SLIS measures student retention in terms of the percentage of students entering the MS (LIS) program annually (i.e., annual cohorts of students beginning the MS (LIS) degree in each academic year) who continue — and complete — their program of study at SLIS in subsequent academic years.

[2] Time to Degree

The majority of SLIS students who enroll in the MS (LIS) program as full-time or part-time can complete the requirements of the MS (LIS) degree within six semesters or three calendar years.