Mission, Vision and Values

As a women-centered, AACSB accredited business school, our faculty, students, and staff partner to champion socially responsible business practice and leadership in organizations. We are dedicated to a highly participatory learning environment that values academic, teaching and scholarship excellence, gender and racial equity, inclusion for all, and life success for all our students and colleagues. We value student success in their careers and the unique synergies between the liberal arts and professions.

We aim to be the recognized leader in gender-equity business education; our students will be change-makers and socially-minded decision makers, and our research, consulting, and community engagement will support a business world that welcomes everyone to work, treats them fairly, rewards them equitably, and supports their career development.

We Value

Our Relationships

  • Supportive and life-affirming relationships between faculty and students
  • A vibrant network of relationships that supports the success of faculty, students, alumnx and organizations
  • Life success for all community members

Teaching and Learning Environment

  • Creating engaging classrooms, whether online or in person, where people come together to learn, discuss, challenge, experience.
  • Advancing knowledge and practice in innovative, interdisciplinary, global Business and Leadership through superior, distinctive teaching and research.
  • Intellectual rigor, academic accomplishment and critical thinking

Management of our School

  • Strategic innovation in support of our unique mission and community
  • Shared governance in our relationship with each other and with the University

Approved by the Business School faculty May 11, 2022