Graduate Student Professional Development

The Ifill College Graduate Student Professional Development Fund provides financial assistance to graduate students who are presenting original work (scholarly or creative) at academic or professional conferences or whose research for thesis or independent projects (scholarly or creative) requires funding.

These funds are designed to supplement, not replace, university level resources.  Therefore, students must demonstrate that they have also applied to the Simmons University Fund for Student Travel and/or Fund for Student Research through the Sponsored Programs Support.

Funding rounds: Ongoing

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Range of Support

  • Up to $500 for attendance when a paper has been accepted
  • Up to $700 for attendance when a paper has been accepted internationally
  • Up to $400 for research related expenses (travel, archive access, etc.)

Criteria and Eligibility

Any student in good standing and enrolled in a graduate program in Ifill College is eligible.

There are limited funds available to award each semester, with awards contingent upon the availability of funds and the number of applications. Priority given to activities that will best support professional development and advancement to degree. Preference given to students who have not previously received professional development support from this fund.

After approval: Submitting expenses

Upon approval of your application, you will receive a link for expense reimbursement and a form on which to submit an activity report. After your event or project, you should submit these forms along with appropriate documentation for expenses. You will need to include original receipts, copies of any payments (e.g., credit card statements, invoices, email confirmations), and your travel materials (e.g., your ticket stub and/or boarding pass). Your reimbursement request will be processed for the amount approved. Please contact [email protected] with any questions.