Student Research

The Chemistry and Physics department offers undergraduate Simmons students a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the dynamic world of research within the fields of chemistry and physics. This program is designed to equip students with essential skills while engaging them in active research projects that span the laboratory and theoretical sciences. Within the framework of these courses, students will engage in one or more instances to cultivate proficiencies aligned with the programs offered within the department, such as: using standard laboratory equipment, modern instrumentation, classical techniques to carry out experiments, designing chemical and/or physical experiments, troubleshooting experiments, and other competencies with respect to Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Enrollment in CHEM/PHYS X50 is available to students who wish to engage in research with flexibility, whether informally or for official transcript credit. Each course has specific credit requirements and semester hours that must be fulfilled to achieve successful completion. Before deciding to join a lab, it's advisable to discuss the lab's expectations and prerequisites with your lab supervisor.

Hands-on Experience with Modern Equipment

Simmons chemistry students begin using up-to-date laboratory instruments in the very first chemistry course and continue to build this hands-on experience throughout the curriculum. Simmons graduates are known for their ability to take on laboratory projects with a minimum of supervision. Computers are used extensively throughout the various chemistry-related programs.

Individual Student Chemistry Carrels

Each Simmons student who declares a chemistry-related major will be assigned to a research clusters: Biological (A), Soil (B), Biomedical Ultrasound Lab (C) or Chemical (D). Students are encouraged to do laboratory work in these spaces, where they can work individually or together, calling on Faculty for guidance as needed. Students completing their Capstone projects get an individual desk for the entire year.

Easy Contact with Faculty

Although the Simmons chemistry faculty are actively involved in research, we feel that research should not take us away from our students. Simmons students are actively involved in our research as part of their Independent Study work. We are always glad to meet with students outside of class individually or in small groups.

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  • Faiza Akther '23
    Advisor: Dr. Michael Jordan, Dr. Jason White "Detecting Intracranial Cavitation with Ultrasound"
  • Anushay Atif '23
    Advisor: Dr. Stecia-Marie Fletcher, Dr. Jason White
    "Optimizing sub-megahertz ultrasound excitation strategies for phase-shift nano-emulsions"
  • Emily Costanza '23
    Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Roecklein-Canfield, Dr. Richard Gurney
    "Synthesis, Testing, and Application of Antiviral Copolymers Comprised of Sulfonic Acid Monomers and VBT"
  • Geraldina E. Cruz '23
    Advisor: Dr. Michael Jordan
    "Using Ultrasound as a Guide for Performing Emergency Neurosurgeries"
  • Shamita Desai '23
    Advisor: Dr. Jason White
    "Using Transorbital Ultrasound to Track Brain Shift To Aid in Image Guided Neurosurgery"
  • Dan L. Nguyen '23
    Advisor: Dr. Michael Jordan, Dr. Jason White
    "A non-invasive intracranial pressure monitoring method using ultrasound"
  • Maahi Patel '23
    Advisor: Dr. Jason White
    "Focused Ultrasound Neuromodulation Therapy For Epilepsy"
  • Eva Piernas '23
    Advisor: Dr. Richard Gurney
    "Creation of antiviral surface films using VBA and VBT monomers"
  • Molly Riley '23
    Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Roecklein-Canfield
    "Evaluating Secretion of Prophage-encoded Genes via Salmonella Typhimurium Type 3 Secretion Systems"
  • Eliana Ruben '19
    Advisor: Dr. Michael Berger
    "Assessment of Phragmites Australis Reeds as a Potential Adsorbent for Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride in Aqueous Solutions"
  • Annika Gibbs '17
    Advisor: Dr. Nancy Lee
    "The Synthesis and Characterization of Micelle-Forming poly(4-Vinylbenzyl Thymine)-block-poly(4-Vinylbenzyl Triethyl Ammonium Chloride) Copolymers via Nitroxide- Mediated Radical Polymerization for Application in Antibacterial Coatings"
  • Jordan Matttheisen '17
    Advisor: Dr. Mariam Ismail
    "Photdegradation of Methylene blue using vanadosilicate AM-6"
  • Anjelica Molnar-Fenton '17
    Advisor: Dr. Jason White
    "The Method of Differential backscattering for detection of Intracranial Hemorrhages using transcranial ultrasounds"
  • Amber Bennoui '16
    Advisor: Dr. Michael Kaplan
    "Applications of empirical mode decomposition and vriational mode decomposition in transcranial ultrasound analysis"
  • Bin Chen '15
    "Study of the Photodimerization of 4-Vinylbenzyl thymine and 4-vinylbenzyl trialkl ammonium chlorie copolymer usingg UV-VIS spectroscopy and gel permation chromatography"
  • Joanne Ching '15
    Advisor: Dr. Michael Berger
    "Modification of Metal Alloys to Impart Biomimetic Color, Superhydrophobicity, and Corrosion Resistant Properties"
  • Joleigh Ferro '15
    Advisor: Dr. Jason White
    "A method for detection of intracranial hemorrhage using transcranial ultrasound"
  • Jessica-Rose McElroy '15
    Advisor: Dr. Michael Berger
    "Investigation of Electrochemical Deposition as a Pre-concentration Technique for XRF Analysis of Lead and Arsenic"
  • Felicity Meyer '15
    "Infrared Spectroscopic Tracking of Q-Stae Particle formation in Ionmers"
  • Caitlyn Normand '15
    Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Roecklein-Canfield
    "Confirmation of Mutant Constructs of Human Protein BIK and Analysis of Their Interaction with Kaposi's Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus BCL-2 Protein"
  • Maria Vornina '15
    Advisor: Dr. Richard Gurney
    "Exploring the Impact of the AIBN Intiator concentration on the Molecular weight of the 1:4 1-(4-VINYLBENZYL) tHYMINE -1(4-Vinylbenzyl) triethyl ammonium chloride copolymers in a free-radical polymerization by means of gel permeation chromatography"