Student Abroad for Exercise Science + Physical Therapy Students

Exercise Science and Physical Therapy (3+3)  students can study abroad! To further explore your study abroad options and be academically prepared for the experience please contact the Center for Global Education or your academic adviser Caleb Bae within the first semester at Simmons.

To study abroad for a semester, there are two options for Exercise Science + Physical Therapy students to choose from:

Program and scholarship applications are due on March 15 for both study abroad options.

Semester Option

When:  Sophomore/Second Year, Fall Semester
Where: CEU San Pablo

Students on this program will complete the following courses:

  • Anatomy and Physiology 1 (Simmons BIO 231)

3 additional courses towards your major which include:

  • Intro to Stats (Simmons Math 118)
  • Psychosocial Sciences (Simmons PSYC 232)
  • Nutrition (Simmons NUTR 112)

OR: if the courses above have been completed prior to going abroad:

  • KCA 
  • Spanish language course(based on student level) 
  • Other Electives

In addition students will be participating in PT observational visits, designed especially for Simmons students.

Please Note: 10 students are required for this program to run.

Summer Option

When:  First or Second Year Summer
Where: Over 45 locations worldwide

There are a variety of summer programs, ranging from Public Health, Traditional Medicine, Arts and everything else in between!
Students may  select a location, program length and area of study that fits their academic needs.  The following programs are recommended for Exercise Science and Physical Therapy students: