For Parents & Families

We have plenty of resources for your student to research her options for study abroad. Check out Study Abroad Opportunities and our Study Abroad Library Guide with your student to find out more about studying abroad and our study abroad programs.

Financial Issues

Tuition and fees for study abroad always vary from what you pay at Simmons. Prices are influenced by local economies, type of program, location, duration, cost of living, excursions, and more. For example, a flight to Australia is significantly higher than a flight to London, but the cost of living may be higher in London. It would be helpful for your student to review her current costs for life in Boston: tuition, fees, room, board and her personal estimate for books, entertainment.

If your student is studying abroad for a semester or a full year, she will pay tuition and program fees directly to a program provider, not to Simmons. She will likely have to pay for her own airfare, some meals and personal expenses. Many programs have estimates of how much students have spent per semester (or summer) available on their website.

In addition, each student studying abroad for a semester, summer or full-year, doing an international internship, research or independent study for academic credit will be charged a $430.00 administrative fee. This fee covers the myriad services provided to students from multiple offices on campus.

Our Finance and Scholarships page has additional information about how your student can fund her study abroad experience.

Health & Safety

We are concerned about the health and safety of your student while she is abroad and take steps to prepare her for her time abroad. Predeparture materials include information on staying healthy and safe in her new country. She is also required to attend a predeparture orientation where this information is discussed. Students can take many steps on their own to ensure their own health and safety while abroad.

In addition, students studying and traveling with a short-term Simmons faculty-led course will have the support and expertise of the faculty members with whom they travel. Students studying for a semester, a summer or a full year will have the support, in-country expertise, and infrastructure of their study abroad program provider. All study abroad providers with whom we work have a written emergency action protocol and have experience working with students in cases of emergencies. Simmons also has an emergency action plan and supports all students while they are abroad. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Simmons values the study abroad experience and supports students as they prepare for their time abroad. The Study Abroad Office remains available to answer questions and concerns while students are abroad and provides re-entry and transfer credit assistance upon their return.