Study Abroad in Asia/Pacific Rim

Curious about studying abroad? The best way to get started is to schedule an appointment by emailing us or attending one of the many study abroad events held on campus throughout the semester. You can also check out how to apply.

Please note: Coursework and housing are subject to change based on availability. Some of the approved programs may not be offered due to COVID-19.

Study in Sydney, Australia: Explore and thrive in this bustling Australasian city bursting with diverse character and history! 

Host Institution: The CAPA Sydney Center is housed in a heritage property in the centrally-located, historic Haymarket neighborhood.
Course Highlight: A broad range of coursework in the humanities, social sciences, and business. The center also offers classes that fulfill most Key Content Areas (KCAs). Internships for credit are available in a wide array of fields and industries.
Majors: Humanities & Liberal Arts, Social Sciences, Business.  
Housing: Students have the option to select between homestay accommodation or shared apartments all located within commuting distance of the CAPA Sydney Center.

Study in Sydney

Perth is one of Australia's largest and most diverse cities! Located on the Western coast of Australia, Perth is currently going through a renaissance of art and culture. 

Host Institution: Murdoch University has been voted one of the "Best Universities Under 50 Years Old."
Course Highlight: Research placement opportunities are also available for health science students, a unique opportunity exclusively available at Murdoch. 
Majors: Health Science, Psychology, Humanities, Business and Social Sciences. 
Housing: On-campus student apartments

Study in Perth

Newcastle is a mid-sized city along the eastern coast of Australia, about 100 miles north of Sydney. Newcastle's allure is in its picturesque beaches and easy going lifestyle, merging both the beauty of Australia's Pacific coast with an laid back, low-key local attitude.

Host Institution: University of Newcastle is a public university, located a short train ride from Sydney, students can easily spend weekends in the city.
Course Highlight: TEAN's University of Newcastle program offers a wide selection of courses for nearly any major. 
Majors: All majors.
Housing: University housing or shared apartments with US, international and local graduate and undergraduate students.

Study in Newcastle

Study in Shanghai, China: The global “megacity” of Shanghai is a sprawling urban area that boasts the world’s most populous city!

Host Institution: The CAPA Shanghai program is housed at East China Normal University (ECNU), considered one of the most prestigious institutions in China. 
Course Highlight: The program offers a range of content courses in English, particularly for Business, Communication, Econ, English, History, and POLS/IR majors. Mandarin language classes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced speakers are also offered. Students can also enroll in an academic internship for credit in the world’s leading global financial center with industry leading organizations in fields such as journalism, media, business, finance, and sports to name just a few.
Majors: Humanities, Liberal Arts, Business, and Mandarin. The center also offers classes that fulfill many Key Content Areas (KCAs). 
Housing: Students reside in dormitory accommodation on the East China Normal University campus.

Study in Shanghai at East China Normal University

Shanghai is the epicenter of China's ongoing growth and development. As the country's economic hub, not to mention a major global financial center, Shanghai is a sought after destination for those studying business and economics. 

Host Institution: TEAN has joined together with one of the most prestigious universities in China, Fudan University, and a leading Mandarin instruction program from the University of Virginia to offer students a comprehensive semester abroad. 
Course Highlight: More than 120 courses available in English covering a variety of subjects. Students also have the opportunity to add on a part-time internship placement in conjunction with their studies.
Majors: Business, Humanities, Social Sciences, Science, Computer Science, Information Technology, International Studies, Media and Communication, and Pharmacy.
Housing: International student dorms or shared apartments. Students live in prearranged Western-style, off-campus apartments located within walking distance of the university. This integrated housing with local Chinese students and other US students on the program.

Study in Shanghai at Fudan University

Study in Kyoto, Japan: the ancient capital city of the Land of the Rising Sun!

Host Institution: Ritsumeikan University (RU) is a private university in Kyoto, Japan, which traces its roots to 1869. 
Course Highlight: Ritsumeikan offers a wide range of courses  for international students with options available to study at its Kinugasa Campus in Kyoto or the Osaka Ibaraki Campus (OIC) in Osaka. These courses cover a wide range of subjects, from Asia-Pacific studies and economic development to business, Japanese language, and contemporary Japanese culture.
Majors: Humanities, Liberal Arts, Business, and Japanese language. RU also offers classes that fulfill many Key Content Areas (KCAs). 
Housing: Students reside in international student dormitories.

Study in Kyoto

Study in the capital city of a country rich with ancient cultural history!

Host Institution: TEAN has joined together with one of the most prestigious universities in Korea. Located in the heart of Seoul, Korea University (KU) campus is nestled within a bustling, highly modernized city connected by the largest metropolitan subway system in the world, and near historic national treasures like Gyeongbokgung Palace. Experience this leading private university that’s part of the SKY Universities group - the Korean Ivy league.
Course Highlight: KU is well known for its internationalized campus, including 600 full-time and study abroad students from all over the world and a diverse offering of English-taught courses.
Majors: Most majors in English however no coursework in the health sciences.
Housing: Students reside in on-campus dormitories.

Study in Seoul

Nestled in the northern Thai hills, Chiang Mai is the cultural heart of the country. 

Host Institution: Chiang Mai University is ranked by Thailand as 3rd in the country for academics, 5th for research output, and is the number one university outside of Bangkok. Spread over 725 acres, the university boasts parks, student cafés, and a mixture of buildings.
Course Highlight: Institute of Southeast Asian Affairs (ISEAA) at Chiang Mai University that offers courses on the history, culture, and society of Thailand and Southeast Asia. 
Majors: Open to all majors, but ideal for those studying public health, political science, international relations, sociology, anthropology, religion, and humanities.
Housing: Student dorms or independent condos. Options available to be housed with other US students or local students.

Study in Chiang Mai