Study Abroad in Latin America

Curious about studying abroad? The best way to get started is to schedule an appointment by emailing us or attending one of the many study abroad events held on campus throughout the semester. You can also check out how to apply.

Please note: Coursework and housing are subject to change based on availability. Some of the approved programs may not be offered due to COVID-19.

Study in Buenos Aires, Argentina: a city that’s often referred to as “the Paris of the South!”

Host Institution: The CAPA Buenos Aires program is housed at Universidad Austral, a highly ranked Argentine university located in the historic Barrio Norte neighborhood. 
Course Highlights: This program offers a range of content courses in English, particularly for Art, Business, History, and Political Science majors, as well as Spanish language classes for intermediate and advanced speakers. Students can also enroll in an academic internship for credit with industry leading organizations.  
Majors: Humanities, Liberal Arts, Business, and Spanish. The Center also offers classes that fulfill many Key Content Areas (KCAs). 
Housing: Homestay accommodation centrally located within commuting distance of campus.

Study in Buenos Aires

Santiago's urban and natural framework, its mountainous terrain, and its proximity to Chile's central coastline are ideal for experiencing the nature and culture of the most southern country in the world.

Host Institution: USAC offers the opportunity to study Spanish language and contemporary Chilean society through a wide selection of academic courses at the Universidad Andrés Bello, widely regarded as one of Chile's most important private universities.
Course Highlights: The Spanish language course offerings, in particular, enable Simmons students to complement their language curriculum. 
Majors: Literature Art, History, Sociology, Political Science, Economics, Women's Studies, Community Development, Anthropology, Native Cultures, and Technology.
Housing: Homestay accommodation or shared apartment units within commuting distance of campus.

Study in Santiago

Heredia is a quaint, colonial city surrounded by coffee plantations and ranches and is one of the gateways to the majestic Poás Volcano.

Host Institution: The USAC Costa Rica program is housed at the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica (UNA), one of the most academically successful public universities in Costa Rica. 
Course Highlights: The neighboring colleges create the feel of a college town in which you are typically surrounded by Costa Rican college students. 
Majors: Art, History, Anthropology, POLS/IR, nutrition, biology, and Spanish language & literature. 
Housing: Homestay accommodation within commuting distance of campus.

Study in Heredia