Uniquely Simmons: Three New Certificate Programs Through Simmons Social Work Online

Here’s one more reason why a Simmons University Master’s in Social Work is special.

Beginning September 2019, online Simmons MSW students will have the opportunity to receive certificates in three areas of social work practice that are not offered in any other national program: Practice with Groups and Families, Mental Health Practice and Trauma Practice. 

In each of these certificate programs, master’s candidates will learn from Simmons faculty who are experts in these knowledge areas, gain hands-on experience in the field, and will be fully prepared to work in their area of focus upon graduation.

“We’re pleased at Simmons to be able to offer certificate opportunities to our MSW students in our online platform,” said Melinda Gushwa, Associate Professor, Acting Director of the School of Social Work and MSW Program Director. “This will give students the chance to build familiarity and gain emerging expertise in these valuable areas of practice.”

The Practice with Groups and Families certificate prepares clinicians to work in settings such as schools, hospitals, hospice centers, legal justice facilities, community counseling agencies as well as inpatient treatment programs and substance use programs.

The Trauma Practice certificate prepares clinicians to work with populations and individuals affected by trauma in settings such as schools, universities, mental health centers, immigrant and refugee centers, legal and prison systems, inpatient and outpatient hospitalization programs, and psychotherapeutic environments.

The Mental Health Practice certificate prepares clinicians to help individuals and populations affected by serious mental health conditions, including concurrent health conditions, achieve wellness and recovery.

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