What makes us buy things? Who determines what's fashionable?

Our students explore the science of consumer behavior, combining theories from anthropology, sociology, psychology, economics and neuroscience to understand how consumers choose products — and how those choices affect the development of society and culture.

Through hands-on case studies, you'll evaluate the impact of technology, globalization, sustainability, green building, social media and merchandise storage and handling. Our students learn to critically analyze consumer behavior and master the latest methods and technology for improving retail profitability.

You'll graduate confident and ready to apply your skills to any organization. Our graduates have found successful careers at companies like Nordstrom, Panera Bread and Macy's.
Program Requirements

Prerequisites for Retail Management Majors

  • ECON 100 Principles of Microeconomics
  • MATH 118 Statistics

Required Core Courses

  • MGMT 100 Foundations of Business and Management
  • ACCT 110 Financial Accounting
  • MGMT 234 Organizational Communication and Behavior
  • MGMT 250 Marketing
  • MGMT 260 Finance
  • MGMT 325 Operations Management and Decision Making
  • MGMT 340 Strategy
  • MGMT 370 Internship

Required Retail Management Courses

  • MGMT 222 Human Resources Management
  • MGMT 236 Retail Management
  • MGMT 394 Comparative Retail Strategies (Capstone)


The student will select two electives from the following list:

  • MGMT 137 Entrepreneurship
  • MGMT 221 Project Management
  • MGMT 225 The Manager and the Legal Environment
  • MGMT 231 Creating Brand Value
  • MGMT 232A Introduction to Advertising
  • MGMT 232B National Student Ad Competition (NSAC)
  • MGMT 233 Developing Customer Relationships
  • MGMT 290 Special Topics in Management: Seminar (when relevant)
  • MGMT 335 Marketing Research
  • MGMT 348 The Sustainable Supply Chain
Minor Requirements

Minor in Retail Management

The Retail Management Minor compliments study in various other disciplines including Business and Management, Marketing, Public Relations/Marketing Communications and social sciences Majors in the College. With this minor, you will develop a working knowledge of the dynamic retail sector of the economy.

  • MGMT 100 Foundations of Business and Management
  • MGMT 236 Retail Management

Students should choose three electives from required or elective retail management courses (see page 170 of the 2016-2018 Undergraduate Course Catalog) .

Customize Your Program

You'll work with your advisor to tailor a program to your interests and career goals. Simmons offers many options for customizing your studies, including dual majors, accelerated programs and a wide variety of complementary minors.

Internships and Research

Internships are a key component of the Retail Management program. Our students work in retail organizations and agencies in the greater Boston area and beyond, including recent internships at Crate & Barrel, Arnold Worldwide, and Hill Holiday.

Internships encourage students to sharpen their skills, refine their career interests, build their resumes, and develop important relationships.

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Honor Societies

SOM Honor Societies: Beta Gamma Sigma and Alpha Delta Sigma

Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS) is the premier honor society for students enrolled in business and management programs accredited by AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business). An undergraduate student becomes eligible for membership in the second semester of her junior year. The top 10% of each undergraduate class, ranked by GPA, are invited to join. The Society's mission defines this lifelong commitment to its members' academic and professional success: to encourage and honor academic achievement in the study of business, to foster personal and professional excellence, to advance the values of the Society, and to serve its lifelong members.

Alpha Delta Sigma (ADS) is a national honor society sponsored by the American Advertising Federation. It recognizes and encourages scholastic achievement in advertising and marketing studies. The requirements are that the student must be current in dues membership, be a senior or rising senior, have taken at least two advertising or marketing courses, and have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.25.

How to Apply
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