Applying as a Transfer Student to Simmons University

A student is only considered a transfer student if they have attempted 17 or more college-level credits after earning their high school diploma or equivalent. Students who have earned 16 or less credits, in a degree seeking program or not, must apply as a first-year student. Applying to Simmons is easy and free using the applications below! Unsure of what to do next? Reach out to your Admission Counselor with questions!

Applying to Simmons as a transfer student is free when you use one of the applications below!

Application Requirements

      The recommended grade point average (GPA) is a 2.8 for transfer students. You may transfer up to 96 semester hours of credit for courses passed with a grade of C or better at an accredited institution. Additional transfer requirements include:

      • To demonstrate proof of high school graduation or equivalency, applicants must submit:
        • An official high school transcript showing proof of graduation.
        • Official score results from a high school equivalency exam (HiSET, GED, TASC, etc).
        • A signed form attesting to the completion of high school requirements or earned equivalency exam with applicable dates and locations.  Please complete this high school attestation form and upload it to your application, titling it "Last Name_First Name_High School Attestation." The high school attestation form cannot be accepted for applicants to the nursing program.
      • College Transcript(s) from all institutions attended
      • Essay/Personal Statement
      • 1 College Recommendation (Adviser or Faculty preferred)
      • Mid-term Grade Report if requested by the admission committee. Applicants who will have 32 credits at the end of their current semester can choose to submit a Mid-Term Grade Report to have their standardized testing waived.
      • Interview (recommended, not required) - we are currently scheduling online and phone interviews. If you're interested in scheduling an interview, email [email protected].

      Please note: Once you submit your materials, we aren't able to return them, so please make copies of any original material.

      Degree Eligibility

      To be eligible for a Simmons undergraduate degree, you must complete at least 32 semester hours of credit (equivalent to two semesters, full-time) at Simmons. The number of credits you transfer to Simmons University will determine your academic standing upon entering Simmons. Grades earned for transfer courses will not be averaged into the Simmons GPA or appear on the Simmons transcript.

      • Fewer than 32 credits: First-year student
      • 32 to 63 credits: Sophomore
      • 64 to 95 credits: Junior
      • 96 credits: Senior

      Transferring Credit

      Simmons transfer credit evaluation (TCE) process with Transferology can help you better understand which of your previously taken courses will transfer into Simmons. Get started today.

      Please note that all admitted or waitlisted applicants will receive a transfer credit evaluation shortly after acceptance.

      Students who have completed an AA or AS degree will automatically have all Simmons PLAN (general education) requirements fulfilled through transfer credit, except for the capstone within their major.

      Application (Non-Nursing) Deadlines

      Application PlanApplication Deadline
      Spring 2023November 1, 2022 - Extended to December 1, 2022
      Priority Summer 2023December 15, 2022
      Priority Fall 2023December 15, 2022
      Summer 2023April 1, 2023
      Fall 2023April 1,2023 - Extended to May 1, 2023
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