Requirements for Good Standing in Honors

  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.40
  • Students must maintain good standing at the university level
  • Students must pass all Honors requirements, including three Honors-only courses (Hon 190, HON 290, and HON 395)

Curriculum Requirements

Please note that this curriculum is the same across all majors and disciplines.

Year One

  • SIM 101: The Simmons Course: Explore (Honors only, Fall, 2 credits)
  • Boston Integrative Learning Seminar + Writing Seminar (Fall, 5 credits)
  • Honors Leadership Course (Spring, 4 credits)
  • Honors 190: "Talking in the 21st Century" (Spring, 1 credit)

Year Two

  • HON 290: Lead Others/Lead Ourselves (Fall, 1 credit)

*Note that Honors students take HON 290 in place of SIM 201

Year Three

  • SIM 301: The Simmons Course: Excel (Fall or Spring, 1 credit, online)

Year Four

  • HON 395 (Fall and Spring, no credit, online)

Additionally, three of the five required Key Content Areas (GC, SCI, SH, ALA, or QL) must be completed through an Honors-designated ("Honorific") course.