Welcome Spring Students

We're thrilled you'll be joining Simmons University in the spring! Check out a few things you can do to get ready for your Simmons journey.

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Enrolled Students

You are embarking on an exciting time in your life as a newly enrolled student! (If you have not yet enrolled, be sure to submit your deposit here.)

Check out your next steps below.


Reach out to Undergraduate Admission at [email protected].

Additional Steps for International Students

  • Obtaining your F-1 Student Visa  
    The Form I-20 is a document demonstrating that you have been admitted to a full program of study and that you have shown sufficient financial resources to stay in the U.S. It is also a printed form of your record in SEVIS, the Student Exchange Visitor Information System, a system that maintains information on international non-immigrant students and exchange visitors in the US.  

    The Form I-20 will contain information about your program of study, the length of your degree program, your personal contact information, and your unique SEVIS ID number. This form allows you to apply for an F-1 visa at your local US Embassy or Consulate, enter and reenter the US, and remain in the US as a student at Simmons University. Your I-20 must be valid and up-to-date at all times.  

    The first step in attaining an I-20 visa is to complete the International Student Supplement Form with all of the required documents:


Contact Sarah Curry, [email protected].