Fund for Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors

The Fund for Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors provides up to $500 in support of student-initiated independent research and creative scholarship projects.

Eligibility and Terms

Applications will be accepted from currently enrolled undergraduates who are conducting or intend to conduct independent research or creative scholarship projects. Students must have a faculty advisor/mentor for their project in order to receive funding. Funds may not be used to support enrollment in a language study, established institutional research programs, or study abroad programs. In addition, grants may not be used to fund internships or participation in volunteer activities.

The funds awarded may be used during the term applied for and used for the purposes outlined in the proposed budget. Written notification is required if any changes are foreseen to the proposed research project, and must be approved by the committee prior to the change(s) being made.

The award will be disbursed as a reimbursement for approved expenses.  Although cash and check advances are not permitted, Simmons may accommodate recipients of the award with purchasing certain items, such as materials and supplies or subscriptions.  For more information, contact [email protected].


Applications will be reviewed on the 15th of every month. The application should include a project abstract; a brief description of research methods, procedures, and/or creative process; expected deliverables and outcomes; and a project budget.

Submit an application


One of the most important components of the application is the budget.  Complete a budget form, itemizing your research expenses and including a justification for your proposed expenses.  You may apply for up to $500 in support of your project.

Expenses may include any legitimate costs required for the successful completion of your project.  Some research projects might include materials or supplies, (i.e. office supplies, laboratory supplies, software, art supplies), print/photocopies, or subscriptions (i.e. archival access fees).

Nakeisha Cody

Director of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships