You'll learn to speak and write articulately in Spanish, and immerse yourself in Spanish culture from history to literature.

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The ability to speak Spanish is a critical skill in today's world

Our students are ambitious, compassionate and diligent, broadening their understanding of issues and perspectives in Spanish and Hispanic American cultures.

No matter your career path, fluency in the Spanish language will set you apart from the competition. We encourage our students to develop their global perspective through study abroad opportunities. Our students go on to successful careers in fields such as law, health, business, government and education.

The major consists of at least 32 semester hours of advanced language, literature, and civilization courses, including 20 semester hours of core requirements. Students are encouraged to improve their language skills through study abroad. They can count up to 16 credits of coursework towards the Spanish major taken in one of the approved study-abroad programs. Upon return from study-abroad, students are expected to complete at least 4 credits towards the major at Simmons. Otherwise, students are expected to take all classes for the major at Simmons with the possibility of transferring courses by petition and only in cases of extreme hardship. The department reserves the right to deny a transfer of credit from any institution, including Colleges of the Fenway offerings. Granada Travel Courses are considered Simmons courses.

Eight semester hours of advanced work in language:

SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish II 4
SPAN 245 Conversation & Composition 4

Four semester hours of Spanish or Hispanic American civilization, selected from:

SPAN 270 Contemporary Issues in Spain 0
SPAN 310 Making of Spain: Studies in Spanish Culture 4
SPAN 312 Introduction to Latin American Culture and Civilization 4
SPAN 314 Hispanic Culture as Seen Through Film 4

Four semester hours of introduction to Spanish or Hispanic American literature, selected from:

SPAN 265 20TH-CENTURY Hispanic Short Story 4
SPAN 266 The Quest for Independence and Search for Identity in Latin American Literature 4
SPAN 269 The Representation of Women in 19th and 20th Century Spanish Fiction 4

Eight semester hours of advanced work in literature and culture, selected from:

SPAN 320 The World of Don Quijote 4
SPAN 332 Contemporary Fiction in Latin America 4
SPAN 336 Latin American Women Writers 4
SPAN 395 Seminar: Special Topics in Spanish 4

Eight semester hours of elective courses in language, literature, civilization, or fieldwork.

Students beginning the sequence for the major at the 245 level must still complete a total number of 32 credits.

Normally, no more than four semester hours of departmental courses given in English may be credited toward the major. Students may petition the chair of the department to take up to eight semester hours of coursework in English.

Recommendations: Proficiency in a second modern language beyond the intermediate level is strongly recommended for all Spanish majors.

Capstone experience:

Majors in Spanish will start fulfilling the capstone requirement by taking a 300 level literature or civilization course either during their junior year or Fall semester of their senior year. After taking the class, students will write a research paper in the language studied, and give a formal presentation to faculty and students in the Department

Study Abroad:

Students may be granted credit for the satisfactory completion of a prescribed program in duly recognized study-abroad programs, provided each proposal is recommended and approved by the school or department concerned, the study-abroad advisor, and the administrative board. Upon return from study- abroad, students are expected to complete at least 4 credits towards the major at Simmons. If considering language study, students should explore the options as early as possible to assure adequate preparation.

Honor Society

Outstanding students in Spanish may be named to Sigma Delta Pi, the National Spanish National Honor Society, through the Simmons University Chapter, Alpha Beta Tau, established in 2023.

The minor in Spanish consists of five courses above the 201 level to be distributed as follows:

SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish II 4
SPAN 245 Conversation & Composition 4
One civilization course
One literature course
Two electives

Internships and study abroad are a key component of the Spanish major. In a cultural center like Boston, there are myriad opportunities to build your skills, résumé, and networking relationships with organizations in the city and beyond. Our students have worked in the following institutions as interns:

  • Hyde Square Task Force
  • Latin American Health institute in Boston
  • Consumer Quality Initiatives

So you know that Simmons is a great place to be, you've learned about our programs, maybe even come for a you're ready to apply! Let's get started.

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