Undergraduate SAP Policy

To be eligible and continue to receive federal, state, and/or institutional aid, students must make satisfactory academic progress toward achieving and completing their program of study through measurement of qualitative (GPA) and quantitative (completed credits) standards.

Qualitative Standard

Students enrolled in an undergraduate degree program must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA.

  • Up to 24 credits - 1.5 GPA
  • 25 - 47 credits - 1.75 GPA
  • 48+ credits - 2.00 GPA

How courses count when determining GPA

Count Toward GPA Do Not Count Toward GPA
  • Completed courses
  • Failed courses
  • Repeated courses
  • Withdrawals
  • Incompletes
  • Transfer credits

Quantitative Standard

An undergraduate student must successfully complete at least 67% of all of the credits they attempted at Simmons during the period of enrollment. This is calculated by dividing the total credits earned by the total credits attempted.

How courses count when measuring pace

Count as Completed Do Not Count as Completed
  • Completed courses
  • Transfer credit
  • One repeat after a failed course
  • Withdrawals (after add/drop)
  • Incompletes
  • Failed courses

Additionally, to ensure proper pace towards program completion, undergraduate students are required to complete their program with 150% of the published length. This is defined as the maximum timeframe. All credits attempted will count towards this timeframe.

  • Undergraduate degree candidates may attempt a maximum of 192 credits.

Frequency of Review

Academic progress will be determined by Student Financial Services based upon the information contained on the student's academic record as of the date of the review. Students must meet both the qualitative and quantitative standards in order to be eligible and continue to receive financial aid. Reviews will include all terms of the students attendance (including summer terms).

  • Undergraduate students are reviewed at the end of each term.

**Please note: Financial aid may not be disbursed to your student account until SAP has been evaluated.**

The office of Student Financial Services will complete the SAP evaluation after the prior semester grades have been officially posted by the Office of the Registrar. If grades are not made official before the beginning of the next term, an otherwise eligible student may have their financial aid disbursement delayed.

No exceptions can be made to this process.

Review Results

Satisfactory academic progress reviews result in a status for Title IV and Institutional eligibility. One of the following results will occur upon review for satisfactory academic progress:

  • Satisfactory: Students are placed in this status when the SAP review determines the student is achieving the qualitative and quantitative standards required for satisfactory academic progress and can continue to receive both federal and institutional aid.
  • Financial Aid Warning: Undergraduate students who fail to meet the qualitative and/or quantitative standards for satisfactory academic progress are placed on financial aid warning for the subsequent term of enrollment. Notification is provided when the student is placed in this status and the student's eligibility for aid is considered to be reinstated for the subsequent term of enrollment only. Students must meet SAP standards by the end of the next term.
  • Financial Aid Suspension: Undergraduate students who fail to meet either the qualitative or quantitative standards for satisfactory academic progress, after a warning period, will be placed in an unsatisfactory status that suspends financial aid eligibility until the next evaluation period. Notification is provided when placed on this status and the student is not allowed to continue to receive financial aid unless they complete an appeal, as described below, and it is approved.

SAP Appeal

Students who are on financial aid suspension and have extenuating circumstances that may warrant an exception can:

  • Continue to enroll in coursework toward their degree without using financial aid to assist with the cost. Students will have their Title IV eligibility reinstated upon successful achievement of the SAP standards. OR
  • Appeal the SAP suspension by submitting a completed "Satisfactory Academic Progress—Financial Aid Appeal Worksheet" and including documentation of your extenuating circumstances.

SAP Appeal Decisions

Students will be notified of the appeal decision via email from Student Financial Services. Students who have an appeal approved will have their status updated to financial aid probation.

  • Financial Aid Probation: Students who have their financial aid suspension appeal approved are placed on financial aid probation and will have their financial aid eligibility reinstated for the following semester. Progress toward SAP will continue to be evaluated at the end of each semester.
  • Undergraduate students on probation must meet with the Director of the Undergraduate Advising Office to determine their Measurable Success Plan (MSP) no later than add/drop of their first term on probation.
  • Progress toward SAP require submission of additional documentation to show the student has adhered to their MSP.