Living in an Expanded Occupancy Triple

While expanded occupancy triple rooms have less space than standard double rooms, students assigned to expanded occupancy triple rooms will have a successful experience, and even enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to develop close relationships with their roommates. Often when students living in expanded occupancy triple rooms are given the opportunity to move to a double room, they decline the offer because of the connections they've already forged with their roommates.

Students sitting in a dorm room

What will an Expanded Occupancy Triple (EOT) room look like?

An Expanded Occupancy Triple is comparable in size to the largest double rooms available. Because each residence hall is unique, the look and style of each room differs. Each room will have three beds, two desks, two chairs, and a combination of storage spaces, which could include a dresser, underbed storage, and/or closet. Students may share closet space. Our staff has worked together to determine the optimal arrangement for furniture usage in Expanded Occupancy Triple rooms. Storage space is limited and it's best to coordinate who will be bringing what in order to avoid having two or three of everything (the most obvious example is a refrigerator).

How was I assigned to an Expanded Occupancy Triple room?

Students have been given the following incentive to opt into Expanded Occupancy Triple rooms:

  • $750 refund on housing costs per semester that the student occupies the Expanded Occupancy Triple past sixth week of classes, which would be October 24 for Fall 2022

Students who opt into an Expanded Occupancy Triple are the first to be assigned to these spaces. The Office of Residence Life will only assign additional students to this room type based on outstanding housing demand. Students who are randomly assigned to Expanded Occupancy Triples will also receive the incentive.

If space becomes available, will it be possible to move into a double room?

If space becomes available, students living in Expanded Occupancy Triples will be offered the chance to move. Please note that open bed spaces and the ability to move are limited during the Fall semester.

What are the benefits of living in an Expanded Occupancy Triple?

All occupants of an Expanded Occupancy Triple will receive a $750 refund on housing costs, if they have not been offered the opportunity to de-triple by October 24, 2022.

Will there be enough room for the three of us?

Expanded Occupancy Triple rooms were all evaluated to ensure that the school furnishings would fit in the available space. We recommend not bringing additional furniture to allow yourself the maximum usable space.

Storage space is limited to the shared closets, dressers, and/or underbed storage, so we recommend bringing only what you need. If Simmons isn't far from home, bring what you need for one season at a time. Target is within walking distance and many other popular stores are T accessible; consider postponing purchases of non-essential items until after you've arrived and assessed the space. The college bookstore will also be open during opening weekend and will have popular items for purchase. We recommend getting in touch with your roommates before move-in, not only to introduce yourself but also to talk about who is bringing large items such a fridge, ironing board etc, to avoid duplicates. Our Xfinity OnCampus system allows for streaming of all shows through devices such as computers, phones, or tablets. Most of our students forgo packing a TV. However, if you do choose to bring a TV, a Roku box will be needed to stream Xfinity to the TV or your TV can be connected via HDMI cord to your laptop.

Our students find many creative ways to maximize space, like:

  • Using shelving units or stacking bins to use vertical space.
  • Using double rack hangers and hanging shelves that allow you to store more clothes in a small area.
  • Using pop up laundry hampers that can be easily folded and stored in your closet when not being used.

Furniture in Expanded Occupancy Triples

Furniture included in an Expanded Occupancy Triple cannot be relocated or removed, even if the EOT is not fully occupied by 3 residents. Residents are not permitted to relocate or request relocation of the furniture. If a vacancy occurs within an EOT no resident may move into the space without written permission from the professional staff of the Office of Residence Life. If an unauthorized room change occurs or if furniture is removed residents may be referred to the Student Conduct process.

Reminder: Unauthorized Room Changes

As a reminder, residents are not allowed to move without written authorization from the Office of Residence Life according to the Community Standards.