Retention Schedules

Prepared by the Simmons University Archives, Records Retention Schedules provide policy statements and guidance on the ownership, retention, and disposition of University records, identifying:

  • which office or department holds the official copy of records;
  • how long such records are to be kept; and
  • the ultimate disposition of these records.

Types of records covered include:

  • Financial Records: Budget, accounting, investment, and gifts and estate records (including prospective donors/gifts).
  • Student Records: Graduate and undergraduate matriculated and non-matriculated student records.
  • Employment Records: Personnel records, benefits, and payroll records for all employees; includes Faculty Tenure and Promotion records.
  • Academic Program Records: Records that document teaching and learning, such as course schedules and descriptions, syllabi, reading lists, and courseware objects.
  • Administrative Records: Includes reports, correspondence, operational records for all offices, departments, units, committees, and working groups, including senior administration.
  • Research Records: Funded and unfunded grant records and grant and contract accounting records.
  • Operations Records: Records concerning building and grounds construction and maintenance.
  • Legal Records: Contracts, litigation, and grievance records.
  • Marketing and Publicity Records: Includes photographs, publications, and consent forms.

The Records Retention Schedules may be supplemented by department or office-specific records policies as needed. A complete Simmons University General Records Retention Schedule covering all areas of the University is also available. Retention schedules are researched to ensure that records are maintained to meet all legal, fiscal, administrative, operational, and historical/research value and scheduled to be destroyed as prescribed by law.

For questions about interpreting or implementing the schedules or creating a department-specific records policy, please contact the University Archives at x2440 or [email protected].