Electronic Record Management

The University Archives is available to assist administrators, staff, and faculty with the management and organization of their electronic records. The same principles behind the retention and management of paper records—legal, fiscal, evidential, and historical—apply to electronic records as well.

  • Electronic records should be maintained in a logical and easily understandable fashion using a folder structure that mirrors the filing of your paper records and aligns with the organization of your administrative unit. 
  • Electronic records of departmental business should be accessible by all staff department members who may be require to access it.  No departmental work should be stored on individual's hard drives or personal cloud computing accounts.
  • Electronic records of a temporal nature should be deleted when no longer needed, as should draft or convenience copies of reports when superseded. 
  • Records of a significant or  historical and nature—decision-making correspondence, final drafts of reports, faculty meeting minutes, etc.—should be maintained by departments while actively needed and transferred to the University Archives for permanent storage. 

For more information on the storage, management, and preservation of electronic records, please contact the University Archives staff at [email protected] or x2440.