Course Reserves

The Library supports instructors in making books, video, and audio available for students to check-out at the Library Service Desk. Electronic articles can be linked to directly from Moodle or your course syllabus.

The Library manages a permanent course reserves collection. This means once an instructor adds an item to the course reserves collection, via the Add an Item form, it will remain on reserve until the instructor request it be removed, via the Remove an Item form. Information for students is available on the Course Readings guide.

What can be put on permanent reserve?

Books, ebooks, DVDs, CDs, and streaming media from the Library. Instructors may also donate items. These items will become part of the Library collection permanently and will not be returned.

How do I put ebooks or streaming media on reserve?

Use the Add an Item form to request the item. Be sure to mention in the "Item Notes" field that you are requesting an electronic format.

What about online articles?

The Library offers suggestions on how instructors connect students with online articles and other online materials. Some recommended options are to:

  • Include a citation and a direct link in your syllabus.
  • Include a citation in your syllabus and instructions on how to use a citation to find a known item (e.g. a full-text article). The Course Readings guide is available with complete instructions.

How can I view items already on reserve?

Use Find Items Already on Reserve search. You will be able to view all items that are part of the permanent course reserves collection.