Transferring College Records

The University Archives collects, stores, and, when appropriate, makes available the records, publications, correspondence, and other materials--in both paper and electronic formats--related to and created in the course of the official activities of Simmons University offices and officers.   These materials are the property of Simmons University and often have considerable historic value beyond their current administrative uses.

The staff of the University Archives is available to consult with University administrators and staff to determine the permanent fiscal, legal, historical and other research value of any Simmons University records.Archives staff will arrange for the systematic transfer of records to either the University Archives, an appropriate record storage area, or disposal.

The University Archives acknowledges that many records produced by departments may be of a confidential nature or subject.  Appropriate restrictions on access will be determined by Archives staff and administrative officers and enforced by Archives staff.

For more information on transferring University records and other materials, or to discuss files management practices, contact the University Archives staff at