Alexis Waller '18 Advocates for Contraceptive Access

December 19, 2016

Alexis Waller

We learned about Alexis' work with the Violence Prevention and Educational Outreach Program on campus!

What's your major at Simmons?

Social work. I want to work with and advocate for clients in the mental health field to help create better access for those who want mental health treatment. At Simmons, we're learning information that students at a master’s level would be learning — which is extremely helpful for the future.

What made you make the move to transfer to Simmons?

I was graduating from community college and deciding between Simmons and another school. I ultimately picked Simmons because of the friendly staff and students and the overall atmosphere on campus. I felt that Simmons suited me better than the other schools I was considering.

I've had a positive experience transferring to Simmons — everyone I've met has been extremely helpful and kind.

What office are you doing volunteer work in at Simmons?

I'm doing volunteer work in the Violence Prevention and Educational Outreach Program (VPEO) run by Gina Capra. VPEO educates Simmons students on intimate partner violence, sexual assault, healthy relationships, sexual consent and the communities affected by these topics.

What types of projects are you working on?

I'm working on a project that integrates the teaching of sexual education and sexual consent. These topics are often taught separately. My program will be called “B4 U GET SEXY” and will teach about sexual education and sexual consent including the topics that fall in between — like how to have a conversation with your partner about contraception and boundaries. This will be done through making male and female condoms, dental dams and lubricant readily available throughout residence and academic campus and teaching these topics through fun programs and activities.

Tell us about winning your mini grant. 

We recently just received a mini grant from the makers of the female condom. They provided us with 300 free female condoms, educational brochures, bags, pins, pens, a demonstration model and a lot more. We also received 1,000 free condoms and lubricant from the Boston Health Commission. I plan on using the grant to give Simmons students more access to different contraceptives and to spread awareness on the benefits of a female condom since there is a stigma around them.

Why is this volunteer work so important?

Because some people don’t have the resources to access contraceptives. On the other hand not all high schools in the U.S. teach comprehensive sexual education and consent to their students. This program will give those who want to learn more about the topic an opportunity to do so.

What's your Simmons moment?

Meeting different people and making new friends. Some of the most memorable times that I've had at Simmons are hanging out with my friends in their dorm and binge watching Law & Order SVU!