Sports Spotlight: Amy Wilson '17

October 14, 2015

Amy Wilson

We chatted with Amy about being a student athlete and the Daly Field!

What's your major?

I'm studying nursing

What drew you to your major?

At a young age I developed a love for science, which grew with my passion to help people. I’ve seen what it takes to be a nurse -- and been part of the family on the other side. I know how much a nurse affects a patients stay at a hospital. I know it's something you have to love. It requires dedication, hard work and true passion.

I'm interested in becoming a nurse because I want to remind families that even when it’s hard to see, even at the end of life, during the hardest times, that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Even if the journey is hard, it isn't a journey the patient must travel alone.

What sport do you play? What position?

I play left midfield for the field hockey team.

How do you balance being a student athlete?

Being a student athlete in a difficult program like nursing while balancing two jobs allows the question, "how?" to be asked a lot. Truth be told, it's hard, difficult, stressful and tough -- but above all it's rewarding. No one ever said I "have" to be an athlete. No one ever required me to donate over 20 hours a week to sprints and early morning practices. I volunteered to. I don't look at it as another activity in my life, but a part of who I am. I am lucky to be a student athlete. Growing up as an athlete is how I was able to learn time management, which is how at this point in my life finding the time to fit in all my daily activities isn't impossible, just sometimes a little difficult.

Without field hockey I can't imagine how much more stressful my life would be. Field hockey is my "me" time. The only time in the day I don't have to worry about life or school. I am lucky to spend my spare time playing a sport I love with a team that understands the joy of just being able to play.

What's your favorite part of playing sports at Simmons?

Most people decide not to play a sport in college because it's too much to balance. For me, playing a sport is the only thing that keeps me sane. The ability to lace on my turf shoes and run on the field is what gets me through the day. On the field nothing else matters. I could have an exam the next day, have to work at 6 a.m., family or friend issues, but for the 2 hours on the field they aren't issues. I don't think about it. I get to play a game I love, with a family that supports me on and off the field.

Field hockey interrupts my day of stress and anxiety with a rush of adrenaline as I spin around a player or drill a ball into the back of the net. Being able to play a sport I love is my favorite part of Simmons. Just being able to step on the field for a couple hours every day to escape reality is my favorite part about playing a sport here at Simmons.

What's your breakfast routine before a game?

A toasted English muffin with peanut butter, two hard boiled eggs, home fries and a banana on the bus. This is my typical breakfast routine that provides the protein and carbs to power me through a game.

Do you have any superstitions surrounding games?

I run in the same spot during every warm up run, start from the same line during every warm up drill and wear my hair in the same braids with the same game day head band every game. One of my favorite superstitions is how I turn to the defender behind me before the face off and clap sticks with her saying "nothing down the left" as a statement that we aren't letting anything down the left side of the field. Most things I do I try to keep the same because I believe routines work. They keep your mind focused. For me mentally preparing for a game is almost more important than physically preparing.

How does it feel knowing that you're going to be playing on Daly Field?

The opportunity to play on some of the finest fields in the region is something that Simmons has been waiting for. Our athletics programs have been rapidly improving and we haven't had the arenas to prove it. I'm excited to see many championships won on our turf.

How does Daly Field impact the school, team and your teammates?

Being able to have fields that are our own will bring a whole new look for our athletic program. I believe this field will draw more attention to our amazing athletic teams that have been generating stats and champions over the years. For myself and my team the ability to have a field that is our own, without having to take turns with our surrounding opponents will help us feel as though we truly have a field to defend. I think with the ability to practice and play on a full length field we'll also improve our game style and skill. That can only help us advance to higher levels of play.

Do you have a Simmons moment?

A Simmons moment that really stands out to me is during preseason my first year when we went for a run around the Fenway area as a team. It was an amazing experience to be able to explore the area and learn about its history with the new group of friends that were already becoming my field hockey family. My field hockey family is my support system at my home away from home and that is one of the most important things I love about Simmons.