Meet MSW Student Stephen Grigelevich!

March 12, 2015

Stephen Grigelevich

Learn more about Stephen's volunteer experience at #BostonWarm Unpacking Party

In response to the closing of the Long Island Shelter, Rev. June Cooper organized a coalition of Boston's religious leaders to help create a day shelter for those individuals who weredisplaced. In an effort to help organize the many donations that were delivered to Old South Church in Boston people came together to unpack, organize, and transport an abundanceof food and clothing for the homeless. I urge you to read Stephen's first hand account of his experience. 

How did you become interested in social work?

I was working in mental health after undergrad and met a few therapists who had their MSWs. They were very effective at their jobs and were actively writing about and contributing to the literature related to their research topics and interests. I saw how versatile an MSW could be, and because I am interested in teaching, research, activism, and therapy I thought this degree would be a very good fit for me. An MSW would give me a chance to explore all of these areas in a more in-depth way.

What area of social work are you focusing on while at Simmons?

Right now I am not focusing on one particular thing; I’m exploring by becoming involved in research, attending events, and being a part of the Urban Leadership Program. Because I am new to Simmons, I am excited about the possibilities. I am definitely interested in social justice and activism and I look forward to exploring these topics more at Simmons.

What has been your favorite course, or courses, at Simmons?

I have really enjoyed studying the political and economic realities that have shaped social welfare and the way social work is practiced in the United States. I would say Social Policy with Professor Gary Bailey and my Urban Leadership Program mini-course, Community Politics, with Political Science Professor Catherine Paden.

Can you describe your experience volunteering at #BostonWarm Unpacking Party?

I went to the Old South Church in Copley Square to help sort donated items for emergency day shelters. I got to work with students from other schools and meet very caring people. The leaders, both named Jordan, were college students who warmly invited and involved the volunteers in the planning of the day which included taking inventory of items, moving boxes and enjoying a lunch together. I definitely plan on going back to volunteer with #BostonWarm at least one more time!

What is your biggest take-away from your volunteering experience?

I remember feeling compelled to volunteer with #BostonWarm after I read the email that went out to the SSW Community and I ended up getting a lot out of the experience. My experience reminded me that when you have the impulse to help—go out and do it. Don’t think too hard about it!