Simmons College Radio Series Honored as Award Finalist

February 13, 2015

Simmons College Radio's "Ask a Nurse" series is an Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Award Finalist for the category, Best Public Service Promotion in College Radio.

"Ask a Nurse" was developed three years ago as a collaboration between the Nursing and Communication departments at Simmons. Our nursing students develop public service announcements about health concerns facing the general population and broadcast them through Simmons College Radio. "Ask a Nurse" is also a regular feature in the Simmons Voice Newspaper. Intercollegiate Broadcasting System recognized "Ask a Nurse" for its work in educating the community on topics like Immunizations, Exercise and Health, and Stress and Disease.

The Intercollegiate Broadcasting System represents more than 600 college and high school radio stations. The awards will be handed out at its national conference in New York City in March. Simmons College Radio has also been nominated for Best Station Liner, Best Air Personality and Best Specialty Show.

Congratulations to our nursing students who took part and Simmons Communications Department.