SNHS Hosts Physical Therapy Research Day

December 01, 2015

This event, the third annual, featured research by students in their third and final year of the DPT program

As part of their capstone research course, students in the third and final year of the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program shared poster presentations for Physical Therapy Research Day.

Poster presentations featured findings of semester-long projects where students worked in small groups on either faculty-directed research or a systematic review to address a clinical practice question.

The course gave students a chance to dive into some aspects of the research process: proposal development, literature review, institutional review board application, subject recruitment and formatting according to the Physical Therapy Journal.

The third annual PT Research Day drew faculty, fellow DPT program peers as well as students’ families and guests. Students presented their posters in a format similar to that found at a regional, national or international conference.

Faculty members Justin Beebe, Amitabh Dashottar and Amy Heath supervised the groups meeting with students weekly about their research.

Said Professor Beebe, “Exposure to the research process has numerous benefits for students - not only for future scholarly endeavors, but the ability to critically analyze scientific literature will guide their clinical practice.”

Student Research
  • Reliability and validity of smartphone-based goniometric applications for measuring knee range of motion: a systematic review.
    Alison Carr, Abby Field, Lauren Hennessey, Shannon Pacella, Jessica Rogers
  • Do strength training programs improve performance in elite high school and college-aged tennis players? A systematic review.
    Alicia Capone, Ashley Kelly, Georgia Kostopoulos, Katie McCarthy, Maddie Wunder
  • The effectiveness of hippotherapy and artificial horse riding on posture and balance of children with cerebral palsy.
    Carolyn Berndt, Samantha Cohen, Ellen Girouard, Caitlin O’Connell, Rachel Sanford
  • The effects of changing the size and weight of baseballs and softballs on external rotation range of motion and angular velocity during overhead throwing.
    Rachel Livolsi, Alyson Tully
  • Effect of humeral torsion on range of motion in traditional and nontraditional posterior shoulder tightness clinical measurements: a case study.
    Lori Douglas, Emily Smalheiser
  • Effectiveness of functional electrical stimulation versus ankle foot orthosis or standard physical therapy for management of foot drop in patients post-stroke: as systematic review.
    Kelly Bly, Corey Haxton, Stephanie LeBlanc, Kayla Newton, Neha Shah

Photo courtesy of Rachel Sanford.