Professor Nanette Veilleux Honored for Open Source Contributions

March 29, 2017


Program Director and Professor of Computer Science and Informatics Gets Recognition from Red Hat, Inc.

Nanette Veilleux, Director of the Computer Science and Informatics Program, is one of 21 instructors recognized for championing open source education in the United States. Red Hat, Inc., the world's leading provider of open source solutions, seeks to recognize the contributions of instructors who have incorporated open source philosophies, methods, and tools into their academic work.

From Tom Callaway, university outreach lead, Red Hat: “Red Hat is thrilled to recognize the professors who are teaching a new generation about the potential available in open source. By creating pathways for their students to work in open source projects, these instructors provide real-world experiences that help students build a technical portfolio. And because everything these instructors create is under an open source license, other instructors can benefit from the pathways they’re forging.”

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