Miguel Figueroa and The Future of Libraries

November 04, 2015

Beyond the Stacks Podcast - Episode 3

Beyond the Stacks is an interview podcast produced in part by Simmons SLIS, in which librarians, archivists, and information science professionals talk about the coolest experiences of their careers, and the unexpected ways that one can use a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science.

Episode three of Beyond the Stacks features a conversation between the SLIS Fellow for Dean's Initiatives Derek Murphy, and Miguel Figueroa, the director of the Center for the Future of Libraries at the American Library Association. Figueroa's work aims to identify developing trends, promote innovative techniques, and build connections to help libraries address emerging issues. Listen in as this week's hosts discuss Foresight Studies, fandom, collective impact, the Cone of Plausibility, and the influence of fast-casual dining on the future of libraries.

You can find this and other episodes of Beyond the Stacks at this website, beyondthestacks.info.