Q&A with Megan Lambert

June 05, 2015

Megan Lambert

We talk to Senior Lecturer Megan Lambert about the upcoming Summer Children's Literature Institute, July 23-26, 2015

What can an attendee expect at the Institute?

You can expect many opportunities to be inspired—by speakers and by fellow attendees. We hope everyone will be challenged to think in new ways about the field of literature for young people, and we want everyone to offer their perspectives in the Master Seminars and informal conversations throughout the weekend.  

Who attends the Institute? 

People who are passionate about children's and young adult literature. Teachers, librarians, writers and illustrators, publishing professionals, program alumni, current students and others who want to be in a place that takes children's literature seriously and aspires to deepen current discussions in and about the field.

Tell us about the theme of this year's Institute. What does it mean to you?

Homecoming asks us to think about journeys as it provokes consideration of what home can mean. I'm sure our speakers will offer many insights and answer questions about these themes in their talks. We know that the Institute often feels like a homecoming for alumni—and in this 40th anniversary year, we wanted to highlight alumni and past and current faculty as our speakers and Master Seminar leaders. Of course, we also want Simmons to be a welcoming space for those who have never taught or studied here. We’re thrilled by the wide range of writers, artists, scholars and critics who will join us. 

What is your favorite part of the Institute? What are you most excited about?

I love being surprised by how speakers interpret the theme. I love being able to see a text in a new way and to see its possible connections to other texts through the lens of the theme. It's like being a student again, and it inspires me in my own work. I'm excited to get that feeling of rejuvenation for myself and to be a part of helping others to access that feeling, too.

Megan Lambert is the author of A Crow of His Own (Charlesbridge). 

To learn more about the Institute and to register visit Summer Children's Literature Institute: Homecoming.