Where Are They Now? Allison Saffiotti '16

October 19, 2016

Allison Saffiotti

As one of the first graduates of the new PR/Marcom joint-major between the School of Management and the Communications Department, Allison shares how she landed her role as a Marketing Specialist at Staples!

What is a typical day like in your role as a Marketing Specialist at Staples? What are your main roles in your new job?

I am on the Staples Account Management Rewards team, which is a program exclusively for small businesses that use Staples for their office needs. I focus mainly on our email marketing efforts. This includes partnering with our in-house agency for the creation and development of collateral, and partnering with our analytics team for accurate and useful reporting. I regularly meet with our business partners, whether it is a category merchant or outside vendor to coordinate our email campaigns. On top of this, there are other daily tasks I complete in order to support other members of this marketing team. One project I currently am working on that I am excited about is re-developing our trigger campaigns based on customers purchasing behavior. There is a lot of work behind this, but it is fascinating how technology can enhance any marketing effort. 

What was the job search like for you?

It took a lot of work, and very stressful but I knew what I wanted going into it. I definitely suggest to students to complete multiple internships in college. First-hand experience is the best way to determine what is the best fit for you. I knew I wanted to work in a corporate environment, so that is what I pursued. I also took any opportunity that came my way to network or meet an alum over coffee for an informational interview, just to learn about navigating the field. This forced me to push myself outside of my comfort zone, so when it came to actual interviews I felt comfortable speaking to my experiences and accomplishments at Simmons. And I definitely have to add while I was stressed, there is no better feeling than when all of your hard work has paid off and you have a job offer in-hand for a company you are excited to start working for!

What is the best part of your experience thus far?

Definitely being surrounded by colleagues who are supportive, knowledgeable and willing to teach others. I enjoy being in a role that constantly challenges me and where I learn something new everyday. 

As a recent alum and new employee, what do you look forward to most in your career? 

I am excited to continue to grow as an employee at Staples. The company truly values their employees and is an organization I am happy to be apart of. While I am here I hope to learn the many aspects of marketing and am able to shift my career to any new interests that may arise in this field. I also think it's important to give back to Simmons by helping current students. Throughout my time as a student, many alums had helped me when I reached out, whether it was for an internship, career advice, or attending a PRSSA networking event. I hope to have the opportunity to do the same for others because I know how much I valued the advice of successful alums. 

How did Simmons help prepare you for your career? 

The professors and students at Simmons create a community that really fosters personal and professional growth. I always felt challenged to try my best and participate in class, complete internships and become involved in student leadership outside of the classroom. One aspect of Simmons that I truly value is how much professors care about the success of their students.  

What were the benefits of pursuing a joint-major between the School of Management and the Communications Department

Taking classes in both schools was incredibly beneficial. While the communications department allows students to use creativity and think outside of the box, the marketing department at the School of Management provides students the opportunity to learn technical business practices and analysis. The combination of these two skills is incredibly important when working in Marketing. In my role at Staples, I am constantly balancing between collaborating with our creative agency and the analytics team, so having experience in both from classes at Simmons has definitely prepped me for the work I do now. 

What advice would you give to the current Simmons students?

Hard work definitely pays off. Sometimes it may not always feel that way, but stay the course and believe in your accomplishments. It will all work out!