Claire Campbell '17 Interns With the Museum of Science

November 17, 2016

Claire Campbell

Claire filled us in on her latest role as the Adult Programs Production and Outreach Intern at the Boston Museum of Science!

What do you study at the Simmons School of Management?

 I am studying Business Management and will graduate with the Class of 2017.

What sparked your interest in working for the Museum of Science?

While coordinating events for the Simmons community through my work for the Campus Activities Board, I learned about the Museum as a venue for events, which I found very intriguing. I grew up going to the Museum for field trips as well as with my friends and family. It wasn’t very long ago that I was running around the exhibit halls with my classmates like the children I see while I’m interning! 

What was the internship search like for you?

This internship search was more difficult than the one for the internship I completed last fall. I want to work for a large nonprofit organization upon graduation from Simmons, but there are not a huge number of those within Boston—there are many that are headquartered outside of the city. I felt like I kept on interviewing and interviewing for the positions I applied for and while asking questions, determined that those positions might not be a great fit for me. It was a long and sometimes discouraging process, but I kept applying and interviewing and eventually was offered the position at the Museum of Science. 

What is a typical day like in your role as the Adult Programs Production and Outrreach Intern at the Museum of Science? 

This semester as the Adult Programs Production and Outreach intern, I have been lucky enough to work an equal amount of days on which we produce programs and days that we do not, so I will go over a typical Wednesday with a program at night. I usually check my email upon arriving in the morning, and then accompany my supervisor to the weekly Functions meeting, in which representatives from all the necessary departments of the Museum go over logistics for the internal and external events happening in a 10-day period. This is one of my favorite parts of my internship—there are so many different events going on every week and I enjoy hearing about what others are doing. We then head back to our desks and I will work on program preparations, both for the program that evening and for future programs. For future programs, this usually consists of compiling contact information for people and groups who might be interested in attending our programs but may not hear about them because the Museum’s general marketing is geared towards families with children and not necessarily adults. 

For the day-of tasks, I prepare program notes, help my supervisors obtain and arrange items including linens, tickets, and signage, and gather the components to set up for our program, such as sign up lists to receive our brochures, reserved seat signs, and pitchers of water or refreshments for our speakers. Me and my supervisors will head over to the theater where our lecture-style programs are held, set up tables, and finish up any last minute tasks while we wait for our speakers and contributors to arrive for sound check. I then usually set up the green room for our speakers to have a light meal before the program. Next, I go to the Museum lobby as soon as the halls close to the public and set up our registration table. I brief the wonderful Museum volunteers and staff volunteers on that evening’s program and any confusion that might arise. Then guests start to arrive, the program happens, and we clean up and go home! 

Event Photo at the Museum of Science

What is your favorite aspect of working for a nonprofit?  

My favorite aspect of working for a nonprofit organization is that I get to directly see people benefitting from my work—in the case of my internship at the Museum of Science, engaging adult members and guests and relating science to their everyday lives. 

Did any courses at the Simmons School of Management help you throughout your internship?

Project Management has been one of the most applicable and helpful courses in my experience as an intern. Event production is closely tied to project management and we use the same strategies such as contingency planning, in order to successfully produce events. 

What advice would you give to the current Simmons students either searching for an internship or planning to complete one in the future?

I would advise them to intern for an organization or company that they are interested in and look for functions that they like or are good at. If you aren’t motivated and excited by your internship options, look into doing something else! 

Photo by Eric Workman. Courtesy Museum of Science Boston.