The Globalization of Healthcare: Highlighting the Global Outreach in Boston Hospitals

March 24, 2016

The SOM Center for Research in Health Policy & Management hosted a dialogue between key leaders who are shaping extraordinary global initiatives in Boston hospitals.

On November 45h, 2015, the School of Management Center for Research in Health Policy & Management hosted a Health Care Forum focused on The Globalization of Healthcare: Highlighting the Global Outreach in Boston Hospitals. Simmons Professor Gary Gaumer introduced the panelists, calling them “two of the best” in their field. 

Steven J Thompson, Senior Vice president and Chief Business Development Officer at Brigham and Women's Hospital, began by saying that “the globalization of healthcare is not a new thing.” Thompson went on to say that healthcare globalization has been going on for a long time, but it’s been receiving a lot more interest lately.  He explained that, “While globalization offers great opportunities both from a mission perspective as well as a financial perspective, it has to be done properly.” He left the audience with a thought, “Along with great risk comes great reward.” 

The second speaker, David R. Bangsberg M.D., is the Director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Global Health. Bangsberg noted, “Mass General Hospital’s mission is to improve the health of the global community, by leveraging Mass General's 200-year legacy in patient care and education, and change how healthcare is delivered.” This stems from the founding premise of the Hospital, “when in distress every man is our neighbor.”  This has resulted in locations in 53 countries across the world. 

Watch a video of Fall 2015 Health Care Forum

An interactive Q&A session followed the discussion. The event brought together local nurses, doctors, Simmons faculty and students, who valued the opportunity to hear from two prominent leaders in the Boston area. SOM Dean Cathy Minehan commented on importance of the Health Care Forums, “To discuss the most important challenges that are facing the healthcare industry, that is so much at the heart and well being and economic development in Boston.” 

The next semi-annual Health Care Forum will focus on Should Hospitals Evaluate Each Other? The Promise of Peer-to-Peer Quality Review.  It will be held on April 7th at 5pm in the SOM, followed by a networking event.  View event details and registration link.