Where Are They Now? Allison Moldoff '16

May 04, 2016

Allison Moldoff

BSBA Graduate Allison Moldoff '16 talks about her new role as the Global Integration and Operations Coordinator at WPP.

A bit About Allison:

I graduated with a BSBA in Marketing, in January 2016. During my Junior year, I became very interested in brand strategy and content marketing. Throughout my college career, I held various internships, at companies including FleishmanHillard and Promoboxx Inc. I strategically wanted to have a variety of different internship experiences, so that I could figure out the right post-grad fit for me. Now that I live in NYC, I absolutely love to explore the city! My office is right by Columbus Circle and Central Park, so on my lunch breaks I am always walking around and taking in this beautiful city! 

What does a typical day look like in your role as Coordinator of Global Integration and Operations at WPP?

I work on one of WPP’s largest global clients as part of a multi-discipline, cross-agency team. Our team is designed to bring the best of WPP agencies and resources together for the benefit of the client. This is a really unique opportunity! I sit on the Global Operations team, which focuses on cross-agency integration and coordination under WPP. Some of my responsibilities include coordinating and managing meetings and events. I also work on various initiatives across WPP agencies to increase productivity and agency horizontality. In addition, I have had the opportunity to participate in various trainings that my company invests in, such as Lean Six Sigma and other operations tools. 

How have your business administration courses at Simmons helped in your role?

 I would have to say that many of the courses I took at Simmons helped me to become a strong and efficient worker. Some of the most influential courses I took were Organizational Communications & Behavior with Mary Shapiro and Business Strategy with Ryan Raffety. These courses really helped me to think about both the way a business works, but also where I see myself within the business. Shapiro’s class prepared me to be a strong communicator with my colleagues – something that is absolutely imperative in the work-world! Raffety’s course helped me to become an analytical and creative thinker, which are traits often sought after in the agency world. 

After attending Simmons, what was the job search like for you? Also, did the Simmons network of alumni help in any way?

 I thought I had prepped myself immensely for the job search, but it is definitely a ton of work! I worked very closely with a few professors at Simmons including Ryan Raffety, Mindy Nitkin, and Cynthia Ingols. They helped me with edits on my resume and portfolio, but also guided me through the interview process, teaching me how to answer tough questions with confidence. I always scheduled 10-15 minutes with them throughout the week to keep them up-to-speed on my interviews and I was constantly seeking their guidance and opinions. I also did a lot of research on various advertising agencies throughout Boston and NYC. The Simmons network was immensely helpful throughout this phase of the job search. I was constantly searching through LinkedIn, reaching out to Simmons Alum, asking to jump on a call and learn about what they do in their agencies and companies. These interviews helped me to learn what areas of the agency-world I was interested in. There is something very special about women helping women succeed, and I look forward to the day when I can start helping recent graduates at Simmons! 

Allison in Columbus CircleAlthough you only graduated 3 months ago, what are you most proud of so far in your career?

 I’m incredibly proud to be part of the world’s largest marketing and communications company this early in my career. I’m gaining exposure to a wide-range of opportunities, working with people at all levels of seniority. This team is exceptionally strong and high-performing, and I feel so proud to be working with them. Not to mention, my two bosses are absolutely phenomenal. They are hard-working and passionate women, with values quite similar to the Simmons mentality. When I met them for the first interview, I knew that this was the place I wanted to be. Their excitement and energy was contagious! 

As a recent alum and new employee, what do you look forward to most in your career? 

I look forward to my growth, both personally and professionally. Starting my career at WPP gives me a world of opportunity. My career can go in various different directions, and I am excited for my future! 

What advice would you give to Simmons students in the School Of Management? 

Leverage your Simmons network and work closely with your professors when starting your job search; they are there to help you! I would also really recommend working to figure out what is most important to you in your first job – whether it be money, growth, work-life balance, etc. Being able to articulate this and understand what you are looking for is very important. I'm thankful that my family did not urge me to take the first offer I was given. They encouraged me to stick with my gut and go for what I really wanted. If you have the passion and desire to succeed, you really can achieve your goals, but you have to be patient and stay positive. I started from a small town in New Hampshire, moved to Boston for college, and then took the leap of faith and moved to NYC. It wasn’t always the easiest transition, but I leveraged my friends, family, and Simmons community and network to help me get to where I am today, and I am very thankful!