MBA Student, Bing Peng '16SM, Travels to Silicon Valley for Job Opportunities

September 30, 2015

Bing Peng

Peng spent her summer as a Marketing Associate Intern at Drippler.

Bing Peng, an international full-time MBA student, traveled from Chengdu, in southwestern China, to Boston to find the best MBA program for her. After graduating from Sichuan Normal University with a Bachelor's degree in Engineering, Computer Science, & Technology, Peng spent the next eight years working as a marketing and product executive at various high-tech companies. Peng decided to further her education and gain the necessary training to grow and succeed in the industry. 

Peng toured many colleges before committing to Simmons. “I visited over ten schools!" says Peng. She was thrilled to learn the MBA program here at Simmons and liked that it was specifically for women. It's been just over a year since Peng entered the MBA Program at Simmons and she is really enjoying her experience. She admires the fact that all of her peers at Simmons have a similar work ethic and career experience.  

This past summer, Peng sought out an Internship in Silicon Valley, CA. With the aid of the SOM Career Services Office, Peng discovered an internship at Drippler, a company that utilizes business-to-business marketing, as well as technology through a smartphone application. The app makes suggestions and recommendations of other apps a consumer may want use for his or her Android or iPhone. Drippler has been featured by Google, Apple, Samsung, Verizon and AT&T, and was selected by Google as one of the must-have Apps of 2013 and 2014. 

After numerous interviews with the VP of Sales & Business Development and the CEO, Peng was offered the position of Marketing Associate Intern. Her work involved documenting sales and business processes, as well as testing out brand-to-brand (B2B) marketing channels that bring in new clients. 

During her weekends off, Peng enjoyed exploring the west coast by driving along Highway 1 through Big Sur, Monterey, Point Reyes, and Napa Valley, as well as camping in Yosemite National Park. “We have a Chinese phrase,” says Peng. “Travelling ten thousand miles is more eye-opening than reading ten thousand books." 

Peng advises that students should not give up on their goals. “My other international friends traveled back home to gain experience. I wanted to get a paid internship here, especially in Silicon Valley. My persistence and hard work paid off,” Peng admits. 

Although her summer internship has ended, Drippler offered Peng a-part time job and asked her to travel back to the California to attend the Global Mobile Internet Conference later this month.