SOM Course Highlight: The Manager and The Legal Environment

October 13, 2015

Judge Connolly

Learn about this unique undergraduate Business Law class at Simmons.

Professor Bruce Warren is teaching his students how to examine the judicial system and the legal and ethical issues that affect managers. His course, The Manager and the Legal Environment, explores an individual's rights across all aspects of business, such as the rights of an employee verses an employer. In addition, the court system, governmental regulation, forms of conducting business, intellectual property rights and cyber-law are examined. Along with case studies and field trips, guest speakers enhance this interactive class. 

Last week, students had the privilege and opportunity to meet Judge Lynda Connolly, Chief Justice of the District Court in Massachusetts from 2004 until 2013. Judge Connolly was also appointed Chief of Staff for Simmons College by President Helen Drinan in 2014, and serves as Director of the Simmons College Pre-Law Program. She spoke to students about her career as a female lawyer and a judge in Massachusetts.

Judge Connolly is one of many speakers that students get to hear from during this exciting semester-long course. Additional guest speakers include Attorney Leonard Henson, the former Chief of the Organized Crime Division with the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office and Corey Surett, the former Area Director for the United States Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division.

Professor Warren notes that he has always considered it a privilege to be able to teach at Simmons. "I enjoy teaching this class at Simmons because of the quality of the students and their intellectual curiosity regarding the law," Professor Warren says. As an active practicing attorney, Professor Warren provides his students with first-hand examples of cases and legal issues.