Disappearing Acts: Gender, Power, and the Disappearing of Relational Practice at Work

October 07, 2015

Research Scholar Joyce Fletcher discusses her research on relational practice in the workforce.

Woman's business suitThis article first appeared in its entirety in Spring 2015 SOM Management Magazine

Over ten years ago, Joyce K. Fletcher, a distinguished Research Scholar at the Center for Gender in Organizations here at the SOM researched relational practice in the workforce. She found that relational practice, which is a way of working that requires emotional intelligence and relational skills, gets disappeared in the workplace through specific 'disappearing acts' that render invisible. Fletcher further notes that in order to create real change, it is important to recognize that there are potent, gender-linked forces that silence and suppress relational challenges to organizational norms. This article discusses gender, power, and the disappearing of relational practice at work and includes three strategies for getting beyond disappearing. 

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Joyce FletcherJoyce K. Fletcher is Distinguished Research Scholar at the Center for Gender in Organizations, Simmons School of Management. She uses critical theory to study workplace issues and has written widely on the topic of women, power and leadership.