Alexandra Fuller '13SM is Creating an Inclusive Space for Urban Youth

September 08, 2015

MBA Alumna Alexandra Fuller founded Level Ground Mixed Martial Arts to support athletics and academics for youth in Boston.

Alexandra FullerComplete article first appeared in Spring 2015 SOM Management Magazine

In July of 2013, I launched Level Ground Mixed Martial Arts, a social enterprise with a mission to unleash the strength, power, and ingenuity of urban youth. The organization couples athletic training with mentorship, academic advancement, and youth employment so that young people will be empowered to fight for—and seize—their dreams. 

Under my leadership, the organization has grown to serve over 120 students across four Boston sites in Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan, and Hyde Park. Level Ground has assisted all of its graduating seniors, helping them enter into college, and has directly provided jobs and internships to 12 youth. 

My students have achieved incredible success athletically as well, bringing home over 70 medals collectively from various grappling tournaments across New England. I pride myself in creating a culture at Level Ground that is not only inclusive, but is also shaped and enhanced by the passion of our students, staff, and volunteers equally. As a female leader both at Level Ground and the male-dominated space of Mixed Martial Arts, I attribute much of my success to Simmons’ emphasis on gender, culture, and diversity within the MBA curriculum.

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